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Monday, December 7, 2009

Role of Website in an Online Business

Now a days Online Business have become trend. Every second person has its own website. But if one really takes it seriously make that website like your lifeline for life.
To get success in business you will have to be a owner of a good, attractive & a unique website .Always keep in mind that,Your web site is your identity.

1. Planning

It is very important to plan the subject of your website and how you would present it. The site must be organised and not over complicated. It should definitely focus on some or the other area.

2. Content

The more relevant content you add to your site the better, plus always try to add more articles and informations to your site on a regular basis. If your content is fresh and lucrative, the number of traffic will positively increase.
The article pages of your site must be specified by separate specific keyword.
This article would then act as a separate page of website content that will rank on the search engines for that one keyword.

3. Register domain for the website

While you are still in the process of writing your development plan you should register a domain for your website. A short, descriptive and catchy domain name may just be money in the bank.

4. Use Meta Tags for your home page

5. Always notice that your links are active.

6. Publicize your Website

Having a great site is not good enough! You have to work on promoting your site through active social networking sites so that enough targeted traffic visits your site to make it profitable.

One good example of a trade show industry website is
Its the largest directory of trade events and shows. Its content is rich and is updated on daily basis.

Canton Fair (China Import & Export Fair)

CONEXPO 2011, Las Vegas