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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Chemicals & Dyes Trade Shows

Just like many of the modern day industries, chemical and dyes industry has diversified in a big way over the past few years. The scope of this industry and the aspirations of the people working in it have reached new levels. It is a known fact that chemicals are used in different walks of life and are indispensable in many chores of the modern human being. From washing and cleaning to coloring, the usefulness of chemicals can never be denied. With such a vast market at their disposals, the traders have found a new tool to woo the prospective buyers. This new tool is called trade fairs which are hugely popular in various industries.
Chemical and dyes industry has always been evolving and transforming with every new technological breakthrough. Chemicals have been created for usage in various industrial applications and household chores. The objective of a trader belonging to this industry is to find the least harmful and most effective chemical which serves its purpose. This is where networking and globalization comes into the picture. As a trade show provides immense networking opportunities and tremendous international exposure, it gives the traders the access to cutting edge technologies and productions. Through face to face meetings with suppliers and researchers, the traders get to put their point across and get knowledgeable feedback. This knowledge gain could sometimes be more rewarding then doing small time business transactions as it prepares the traders to face new age challenges in the industry. 
Petrochemicals, fertilizers and other related sectors participate in huge number at these trade fairs.  Chemicals & Dyes Trade Shows act as a common meeting ground and one stop solution shop for a wide variety of traders and buyers. Some of the major benefits of participating in these trade shows are explained below-
Tremendous scope of globalization-By finding international contracts a trader not only gains access to a new market but he also gets to know about the latest technologies. By globalizing through trade shows one can reach new heights of success which may not be possible through any other mode of trading.
Meeting with chemical engineers and researchers-As we all know most of the chemicals have harmful effects; hence their usage in the industries is always done with precaution. At these trade fairs, one gains in-depth knowledge about the properties and the implications of the chemicals which are used.
Chemicals & Dyes Trade Shows are really important for the traders as well as the buyers because of their ability to assemble large crowds under one roof. The tremendous possibilities that these fair provide is unmatchable and hence, these fairs are here to stay.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Architecture & Designing Trade Shows

In the recent times, Architecture & Designing Trade Shows have carved a niche for themselves in the trading circles due to their vast scope and never-ending trading possibilities. These fairs cover various industries including furniture, building and construction industry along with home and garden industry. The focus of exhibitors at Architecture & Designing Trade Shows is on showcasing their artistic and infrastructural capabilities in front of the participating audience.     
Architecture & Designing Trade Shows have come a long way since their inception. The main purpose for the visit to these trade shows is to come face to face with latest trends and designs. Besides trade byers, the visitor base also comprises of renovators and interior designers who are on the lookout for new techniques and material to use in their next creations. The exhibits at these fairs include furniture, art, paintings and sculptures for home decoration. The participants are generally from different walks of life and hence, these trade shows serve as a common platform for their meetings. Any kind of innovation that can help the building and construction of new houses, corporate offices and hotels is appreciated by the buyers and the innovator gets instant recognition in the industry.  Architecture & Designing Trade give unrivalled exposure to newer brands and brighter minds. In global events dedicated to architecture, international trade partners could be discovered which can go a long way in the success of the local trader.
Certain points that should be kept in mind before exhibiting at such events are listed below-
·         Focus on showcasing artistic designs in the best possible way-In these tradeshows, the design of product is hugely appreciated by the visiting clientele. In order to gain maximum exposure, the exhibitor should make sure the designs are displayed with utmost care. Creating the right infrastructure for the stall that can bring out the best in the designs should always be given the priority.
·         Focus on generating future leads-Instead of gaining immediate benefits out of the tradeshow, the focus should always be on generating business leads for the future. Such leads can really impact the performance of one’s company in the longer run.

Architecture & Designing Trade Shows are visited by manufacturers, dealers, corporate buyers and many other enthusiasts who come from very different backgrounds. Hence, the marketing strategy should always be created while keeping the tastes of these participants in mind. A good performance at these tradeshows can go a long way in boosting the image and business of an exhibitor.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Auto World Expo 2011

Auto World Expo 2011 is the perfect platform for tor the entire automobile industry to gather under one roof. The exposition has been organized by Benchmark Exhibitions India Pvt. Ltd at the Chennai Trade Center in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The exhibition will play host to auto manufacturers, component manufacturers, OEMs and accessory manufacturers. Besides the exhibition, the expo will also feature certain exciting sub events like vintage cars, re-modified bikes and cars and stunt drivers. This three day event will be filled with numerous networking opportunities for the attendees. The exhibitors will be able to showcase their products in front of affluent and serious buyers. Over 80 exhibitors and 3000 visitors are expected to visit the event.
Highlights :-
  • Exciting sub events like car stunts and vintage cars.
  • Over 80 exhibitors and 3000 visitors.
  • Participation of serious business visitors.
  • Numerous networking opportunities.
  • Chance to start new joint ventures with other players in the market.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Trade Show-A world within a world

Generally, a trade show is a comprehensive showcase of the industry that it is dedicated to. It represents the various technologies and products associated with the industry and cater to manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers who participate at these events. The whole infrastructure is self-sufficient with water, electricity and other necessary commodities available in-house. The sellers and the buyers are the major participants along with certain reputed speakers and decision makers who generally preside over the conferences that take place at the trade shows. Doesn’t matter which industry it represents, a trade show always has certain static aspects which never change.

The world that we live in has all the basic ingredients necessary for living a life. Just like this world, a trade show has all the right components which are required for the trading machinery to work in all its glory. The participants at the trade fairs are always on the lookout for the best technological solutions for their existing trade, just like in the world that we live in we are striving for the best for our lives.

The way this world has evolved over the years from barren land to urban cities, in the same way, the trade shows have transformed into mega events. The trade shows of the modern era are not restricted to B2B contacts and official meetings. The scope of trade shows has changed so drastically that it would have been difficult to imagine it in the past. Now the tradeshows have carnival like atmosphere and the doors for the general public have also opened up. Every event is filled with endless possibilities, just like this world which is far and wide and almost endless when it comes to exploration. The magnitude of the trade fairs has increased manifolds with global traders coming together under one roof.

The trade shows have rapidly increased in numbers in the recent past and it’s all due to the fact that they have become self-sufficient just like this world. The organizers and exhibitors make sure that every entity needed for an event is available beforehand. When a visitor enters a trade show, he feels like he is a different world altogether. The stalls arranged in patterns, the ambiance and the sheer number of people visiting the fairs make it obvious to the visitor that he is not in the same place where he came from. The way the items are promoted with free gifts and live demonstrations, it really catches the eyes of the participants. In the light of all these similarities, it won’t be an exaggeration if we say that trade fairs are like a world within this world.

Sign India-2011

Business Live is coming out with a wonderful event dedicated to the signage and advertising industry called SIGN INDIA-Indoor & Outdoor advertising Exhibition. The event is all set to create new benchmarks for the whole industry as far as advertising standards are concerned. This unique exhibition will feature products like synthetic banners, LED and Showroom Displays which are quintessential in today’s advertising scenario. This hugely significant event will take place at Palace Grounds in Bangalore over duration of three days. It will be a phenomenal networking platform for the entire industry to come together and discuss current issues related with signage and advertising .SIGN INDIA has already created a buzz in the trading circles. Over 100 exhibitors and 6000 visitors are expected to attend the event.
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Monday, June 20, 2011

Business services trade shows

Business services trade shows have recently shot to prominence in the light of the rapidly evolving world economy. In the modern times, the financial power is well distributed amongst various countries and big business contacts can be found anywhere in the world. Due to this distribution of the financial power, it becomes important for the traders to reach out to the far flung areas with immense possibilities for business. By harnessing undiscovered potential at new trade venues, a trader can spread his network all around the globe.

The business services sector comprises of recruitment agencies, outsourcing, BPO, smart card, presentation & marketing, retail solutions and concert promoters. Generally it’s very difficult to assemble large crowds with such variety of personnel from various industries. This is where trade shows come into the picture. A trade show is a place where traders from different sectors assemble under one roof to interact and create new business ties. A business services trade show serves as a solid foundation for the traders who are looking to leap ahead of the competition.

Few important points that should be kept in mind by the participants before visiting or exhibiting at these trade shows are listed below-

  1. Presentation-Presentation plays an extremely important role in business services trade shows. The objective of these trade shows is to lure possible clients by showcasing your business acumen and future potential. By presenting well, one can easily impress the visitors and create new future ventures.
  2. Development of contacts-The focus of the participants should always be on meeting maximum traders from around the world. By building new contacts at different locations, one can benefit immensely in the future.
  3. Willingness to explore-These trade fairs provide an opportunity to explore like no other event. One should always be ready to meet new people instead of sticking to old clients. Business services trade shows are the most rewarding when participants are able to find other traders from previously unknown location.
  4. Active participation in seminars and conference- Business services trade shows lay huge emphasis on seminars and conferences. At such conferences, one gets to explain his/her business fundamentals and perspective in the presence of other decision makers in the industry. Such exposure should be utilized by the new businessmen to pave their path into the industry.

Business services trade shows are not much different from other trade shows which are held around the world. These trade shows have far reaching appeal in the trading circles and hence they are visited by reputed dignitaries and decision makers. Participation in business services fairs can give a huge facelift to one’s business.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Ayurveda & Herbal Trade Events

Ayurveda is one of the oldest forms of medicinal treatment plan developed in the ancient India. It has been utilized for treatment and prevention of diseases in India since its inception centuries ago. In the past its usage was only limited to India, but in the modern times, the entire world has taken a liking to Ayurveda treatment due to its long lasting effects. The fact that it is free of any side-effects makes it much safer and a much more viable option.
Due to the sudden upsurge in the number of people opting for Herbal and Ayurveda as their preferred mode of treatment, this industry has grown in stature like no other. This has resulted in the organization of various promotional campaigns dedicated to Ayurveda. Trade fairs have also emerged as an interesting mode of promotion because of their ability to assemble large crowd under one roof. The trade fairs act as a wonderful platform where all the manufacturers can interact with the buyers face to face. This helps in generating general awareness amongst common man, who otherwise would not have known about the magical effects of Ayurveda.
Some of the key points that should be kept in mind before exhibiting at such events are-

- Focus on imparting knowledge-As Ayurveda has fairly recently shot to prominence, imparting of knowledge about this discipline has become very important for the exhibitors. The participating visitors should be informed about the process of Ayurveda and how it actually works on the body. If people are aware of this, they are more likely to inform others and gradually increase the consumer base in the longer run.

- Showcase of Indian history associated with Ayurveda-Ayurveda has a great legacy behind it that goes back to centuries ago. It is one of the oldest forms of medicinal treatment. If the visitors are told about this legacy, it is likely to grow their interest in the field of Ayurveda treatment.

- Taking care in storage of displayed herbal products-The herbal products don’t have a long shelf life. Hence, the exhibits should be chosen in a way that they are in the best of condition when they are displayed in front of the buyers. This should be taken very seriously as it can make or break a company’s image.

The performance of a company at a trade fair depends on making a good first impression on the buyers. In this regard, Ayurveda & Herbal Trade Events are no different. Above mentioned practices if followed properly can really enhance the performance of a company at such events.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How to store your trade show exhibits

One of the most important questions that an exhibitor faces before displaying his products at a trade show is how he can efficiently store them before the exhibition. The storage solutions are available in plenty but finding a quality method that suits ones need is quite difficult. Employing second grade storing methods could lead to disastrous consequences for the exhibitors which could hamper their performance at a particular trading event. To bolster ones trading prospect at a trade fair, exhibitors need to pay due attention to the storage solutions. Some important storage practices that can make a huge difference to an exhibitor’s performance are listed before-

Safety and Security measures- Safety and security measures could sometime make or break the entire trading prospects of an exhibitor. It is always better to foolproof your warehouse with ample security to counter any threat of theft or robbery. It is always better to be safe rather than sorry when your entire business reputation hinges upon your performance at the event.
Insurance- Insuring expensive goods before storing them at a warehouse is always a sound practice. By insuring goods one can safeguard himself again future catastrophe like fire or storm.
Temperature management- Optimum temperature is the key to a long lasting product. In case of trade fairs, an exhibit is kept in storage for a long time which can affect its quality. In case of bio degradable products temperature plays an extremely crucial role. The exhibitors should not shy away from spending a few extra bucks on infrastructure required for temperature maintenance.
Take help of professional dedicated to storage- There are certain professionals who specialize in providing storage solutions. Instead of using your own unqualified intellect in selecting storage solutions, the exhibitors should turn to professional help.
Inventory management-It is always better to choose a warehouse that offers high quality inventory management. This can help in tracking goods in a more professional and appropriate way. If everything you need is systematically stored, the chances of committing mistakes are reduced.
Precautionary measure-In case of natural calamity or any other mishap, an escape path should always be created to ensure all is not lost. Such tactics could greatly help in saving yourself from impending disaster.

The trade show exhibits are extremely significant for the traders and any laxity shown in their management can come to haunt the exhibitors. By employing the above mentioned practices, one can greatly reduce the probability of mistakes.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Printing & Publishing Trade Fairs

With the scope of advertising and printing increasing with each passing day, the importance of printing and publishing trade fairs has reached new heights. The demand for innovative printing solutions is one of the primary reasons why these fairs are so popular and frequently visited by leaders from various industries.

The printing and publishing fairs are generally B2B fairs that strictly focus on trade related issues and hence provide immense benefits for the traders and visitors. Apart from advertising solutions, these fairs are extremely crucial for book publishing houses, newspapers and magazine publishing companies. A wide variety of audience is always present at these fairs which help in creation of new networks and long lasting tie ups between important players from various sectors.

At the printing fairs, latest printing machines and software are showcased with live demonstrations which help the buyers in making their mind up about the product in question. Digital printing, commercial printers, and package & specialty printers are some of the major products which are on display at these fairs.

As the printing and publishing trade fairs are business central in their approach and objectives, there are certain trade tactics one needs to employ to reap the maximum benefits out of them.

Knowledgeable stall hosts -This is one crucial aspect that cannot be ignored by any exhibitor at printing and publishing trade fairs. The trade visitors at these fairs are generally knowledgeable buyers who dissect every product and technology before parting ways with their finances. It is extremely important that the stall host should have sufficient knowledge to tackle every query thrown at him.

Live demonstrations - Live demonstrations are vital as they help in gaining the trust of the buyers who visit Printing & Publishing Trade Fairs. When these buyers see the machine or software that they want to buy performing up to the mark, they get easily convinced about the product.

Focus on generation of future leads and contacts - Instead of focusing on immediate business, the exhibitors should always focus on generation of future leads at these fairs. By gaining the trust of reputed publishing house or newspaper, a company will earn much more in longer run as compared to the trivial profits that they will receive from immediate selling.

Even though the Printing & Publishing Trade Fairs are quite different in their look and feel as compared to other events, the concept of trade still remains the same. Hence, the exhibitors should stick to the basics and improvise occasionally to gain the maximum out of these fairs.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How to Cut Cost While Displaying at Trade Fairs

Cutting cost has always remained an integral part of trading and marketing. Even the trade fairs haven’t remained untouched by this phenomenon as cost cutting tactics are employed on regular basis in the modern times. Cost cutting does make sense to a certain extent but in some cases it can become a hindrance to the process of organizing a trade show. The skill of a good organizer lies in his ability to efficiently employ cost cutting tactics.

In the today’s world, trade fairs have gained tremendous popularity amongst enthusiasts and serious buyers. The visitors expect high quality in the infrastructure as well as general facilities. In this situation, certain tactics and practices could come extremely handy to the exhibitors and organizers who bear the burden of minimizing their expenditure while maintaining a certain level of quality.

• Use of custom modular trade show display - One of the most obvious benefit of using custom modular trade show display is the reduction in the shipping and drayage expenses. These custom displays are easier to set up when compared to the regular ones. The overall expenditure is curtailed by 75% of the original cost, if the exhibitors employ these displays at the trade fairs.

• Hiring local students for promotion at stalls - Expert professionals when hired over a short period of time at trade fairs can sometime dig a massive hole in the pocket of the organizers and exhibitors. Instead of the specialized professional, hiring college students in the local region for certain trivial tasks like promotion at stalls is much more beneficial and cost effective. In certain cases, these young students could be more useful due to their higher level of energy and enthusiasm.

• Choosing trade venue closer to airports, shipping docks and railways stations - To cut down on the cost of transporting goods from ports and docks, the trade venue should be chosen closer to such destinations. This practice could make a world of difference in the expenditure.

Focus on trade buyers - The real motive of a trade fair is to do quality business with quality clients. In some cases, unnecessary focus on general public who visit the fairs without any purpose of buying could be a cause of extra expenditure. Exhibitors need to acknowledge the significance of trade buyers and should devote major share of their finances in wooing the actual buyers. This change in approach could be extremely beneficial to them.

If the exhibitors and organizers start following the above mentioned practices and fine tune their tactics, they will definitely be able to maximize their profits at the trade fairs.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Travel & Tourism Trade Shows

With the strengthening economic base of the middle class, the focus of the people is shifting towards finding new ways of spending their newly found money. People are ready to buy luxury items surplus to their daily requirements. These people are not shying away from spending all their money on leisurely activities like partying at the costliest nightclub or splurging all their cash on travelling to some exotic destination.
This change in approach has given a major boost to the travel and tourism in the country.

India, which was formerly renowned for being one of the finest destination for the tourists all across the globe has transformed into a major hub for foreign travel companies. These companies are on the prowl and are ready to woo Indian customers with new and exciting travel packages. Therefore, travel trade fairs have become the need of the hour for Indian and international traders.

A travel and tourism trade fair is quite different from other run of the mill events. The objective of the event is to attract the end users towards the travel destination which calls for a peculiar approach. Generally, the travel trade fairs ooze the spirit of a carnival with a celebratory atmosphere. The hordes of people that gather are enticed with attractive travel packages and mega offers. The infrastructure is always glossy and local flavor is added to the mix to bring potential customers closer to the culture of the travel destinations. The promotion is not only limited to the infrastructure, but it is also popularized through local cuisine and apparel. The single goal of these trade shows is to grab the attention of the general public and allure them towards these destinations.

In addition to the trade buyers and end users, travel and tourism trade shows pull in huge crowds of enthusiastic visitors. These visitors attend these events for fun and frolic. The fact that there is no compulsion to buy makes travel fairs the ultimate holiday destination for the local inhabitants.

The significance of the travel and tourism trade shows could not be denied in the modern times. The huge rewards that they reap for the exhibitors and visitors alike cannot be overlooked. Hence, the trading associations and organizers take special care before organizing such mega events. The frequency of organization of travel and tourism trade fairs is increasing with each passing season and there is no end to their popularity amongst the masses and classes.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Trade Fairs-Your guide to understand market competition

A trade fair is like an open book where the entire profile of a company is in the limelight. It is the place to be, if you want to observe and get ahead of the competition. A trade fair brings with it an exciting opportunity to venture into the unknown facts about various organizations. As it is attended by the entire supply chain within the industry, it offers mouthwatering prospects for the aspiring businessmen and traders. Nowadays, the trade shows are viewed as the barometer of economy and industrial progress which make them crucial for the industry.

In today’s times, various companies are ready to employ certain tricks and tactics to crush the competition, and for that they need vital information which is available at the trade fairs. The fact that a company that exhibits at the trade shows comes along with its own market strategy, it is easy to observe their tactics and market impact. A rival trader can easily gauge the performance of the competing brand and he/she can design his/her strategy to counter the competitor. Let us say, if one observes a company distributing freebies at a trade show and getting a good response from the public. In that case, the rival brand could try outdoing his competitor by distributing even more attractive gifts. Channeling the interests of the public in your direction is the ultimate goal of any company, and this objective could be easily achieved at the trade fairs.

Besides acting as a window to observe direct competition, a trade fair also brings the exhibitors closer to the decision makers within the industry. The entire market shapes up according to the crucial decisions made by the trading associations and government officials. The trade fairs provide the exhibitors with the first-hand knowledge of the latest developments related with taxes, duties etc. Such information could go a long way in helping these companies expand their horizons and increase their profits. Moreover, the general response of the public that one encounters at such events, also gives an insight into the taste of the general buyers.

In the future, the companies are expected to realize the massive potential of these trading events. To get ahead of the competition, trade fairs are expected to be utilized frequently in various industries. It will be a big mistake on part of the traders, if they ignore the potential of these mega events. In the light of the modern day developments, it won’t be an exaggeration if we say that trade fair is the ultimate guide to understand market competition.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Trade Shows Tips

-> Making a commitment to trade show excellence means committing to creating unique and meaningful experiences for your customers.

-> In trade show marketing it’s usually best to lead, not to follow!

-> Engage prospects by taking an interactive and educational approach to your booth design and show planning.

-> Follow up with booth visitors while they still have your brand on the brain. And leverage your marketing campaign to stay in touch.

-> Making a commitment to trade show excellence means committing to creating unique and meaningful experiences for your customers.

-> Visit trade shows often to get ideas on how to better distinguish yourself from the competition when you exhibit.

-> Establishing concrete sales goals well before a trade show is critical for accurately determining ROI after the event.

-> Understand the audience loyalty. The most loyal group is your core audience. Cater to them, they are key to a successful show.

-> A waiting audience is a frustrated audience. Always make sure to start and end on time.

-> To have a successful trade show make sure to set clear goals for your trade show participation.

-> Give attendees something to see, hear, touch, taste & smell & they're bound to remember your exhibit longer !

-> Always make sure that the tradeshow staff at your booth projects professional appearance & are well-trained to represent your company.e that the tradeshow staff at your booth projects professional appearance & are well-trained to represent your company.

-> Use social media websites to reach more attendees in a trade show.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Use of Trade Fairs to Create Awareness

In today’s times, the speed of development is increasing day by day. The whole world is going through a major transition and certain social, moral and health issues are raising their heads as byproducts of this unmanaged progress. Governments of countries are trying to spread awareness about these issues through NGO’s, advertising and other mediums.

The trade fairs are also becoming an interesting medium for promoting awareness. As a trade fair is a complete representation of industry, it has access to all the major industrialists and decision makers. Presenting these important issues at trade fair can act as a catalyst in solving these problems quickly.The society is facing newer and deadlier issues which are increasing with each passing year. Some modern day issues which need to be dealt with are population, pollution, terrorism and health problems.

To counter these issues, a trade association can take initiative in projecting an image of the event in such a way that it correlates with the modern day problems. For example, a trade fair organized for health industry can be used to promote the population issue or a trade fair associated with automobiles can feature countermeasures and techniques to reduce the greenhouse effect. Banners and posters carrying out information on these issues can also be used for creating a visual impact on the visitors. As trade fairs are utilized for meetings and conferences, discussions can be carried out involving major players in the industry. Such discussions will impact the higher echelons of the industrial machinery which is vital for achieving the desired result.

An international trade fair can prove really beneficial for certain developing countries. The developed countries have already devised newer ways of countering these modern issues and their involvement can bring in proven technology, which can act as a boon for backward countries. A well-measured approach is needed to achieve a positive effect on the whole society using trade fairs. This approach can only be achieved if the organizers and exhibitors look beyond their personal benefits. Such act of selflessness may not be possible in today’s competitive world and hence, the involvement of government is important to carry out this task.

If national governments of different countries step in and provide certain incentives to the trade fair organizers, only then proper promotion of these burning issues is possible. That is why, it is imperative for government to recognize the benefits of trade fairs and use them for spreading awareness.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Gaming expos and trade shows

Today’s world is full of hi tech technologies that caters to the needs of millions of users. Some new and upcoming technologies have resulted in the development of new markets with immense potential. One such market, which is growing exponentially, is the gaming market.

From the text based games of the 80’s to the cutting edge graphical masterpieces of today, the gaming world has seen an evolution that has never been seen by any other industry. Major gaming brands like EA, UBISOFT and THQ are well recognized around the globe. The modern day gamer is crazy about his favorite title and wants to learn all about it. Gaming is not only a recreational past time for the users, but it also serves as the source of regular income for the professional gamers. Due to the ever increasing scope of gaming, the major software companies have started promoting their games at various fairs and expos. Such events are an instant hit amongst the professional gamers and general public who visit such trade fairs and trade exhibitions in large numbers. The main attractions of the gaming trade fairs are listed below-

  1. An opportunity to meet the makers of games-The wonderful technology behind the games is something that enthusiastic players want to learn about. As the trade fairs are visited by the programmers and game story writers, they serve as perfect platform for such meetings.

  2. Wide variety of titles on offer-A gaming expo plays host to a wide variety of gaming companies and distributors, hence they offer a large variety of titles under one roof.

  3. First look at soon to be released games-New games that will be launched in the market in the future are showcased at such events. Live demonstration of game play on huge screens is shown to the general public for promotional purposes. This generates a lot of interest amongst the gamers who visit such events, which in turn helps the sale of the games when they are launched.

  4. Gaming competitions- Gaming competitions are also organized at certain gaming expos. These competitions are hugely rewarding to the participants in terms of money and fame.

The fact that the gaming industry is on the rise has made gaming expos almost inevitable for the bigger brands. The immense publicity of the games that a game receives at a gaming trade fair is unrivaled. Hence, gaming expos are expected to increase in number with time and it will be foolish on the part of organizers to ignore them.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The evolution of trade fairs

Everything evolves in this world. From gliders of yesteryears to modern day jets, change has been the constant phenomenon that hasn’t changed evolutionary change haven’t even spared trade fairs which have evolved from strict official meeting platforms to hi-fi trading extravaganzas. The glossy showpiece events that we visit today were in the past a pale shadow of what they are now. In the yesteryears, the focus was only on official buyers and suppliers.

The visitors were chosen according to their buying powers and general public used to stay away from the trading events. Cutting edge technologies were never in the touching distance of the general buyers, who normally used to wait a few months for the launch of their favorite products. But over the years, the market evolved and the sellers realized the actual buying potential of the common men. Hence, certain organizers started involving enthusiastic buyers in these trade fairs.

The formula was an instant hit and the trend caught on. With each passing year, more and more commoners started visiting trade fairs. A new niche market was created where the end user had access to all the latest and greatest innovations. B2C fairs became an instant rage amongst the masses. The traders started giving importance to the trade fair infrastructure and began implementing new tactics to woo the common men. New innovations were incorporated in the trade fair planning process, keeping the interest of general public in perspective.

Free gifts, celebrities’ performances and classy infrastructure were a few of the major alterations that were seen in the trade fairs. With the start of huge competition between the various organizers, the standards lifted and the quality of the trade fairs skyrocketed to new heights. The fairs that we visit today are a result of all these years of competition.

Whether the evolution has helped the cause of the trade fairs is a question that is quite difficult to answer. On one hand, it has added new dimensions to the trade shows making them more vibrant and livelier than ever before, and on the other it has hampered the official nature of these events. Modern day fairs appear casual and leisurely and hence lack the discipline of the past events. But the massive exposure that they bring to the exhibitors is unquestionable.

The fact that the time won’t stop, makes further changes in the trade show infrastructure almost inevitable. What the evolution will bring to the table, whether it will be good or bad is remained to be seen. But one thing is for certain, the evolution of trade fairs is never going to stop.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Trade fairs-The wheels of modern economy

The modern day economy is very unpredictable. The great economic meltdown of the recent past is one of the biggest examples of the fragile nature of the economy. Not only it is difficult to predict the outcome of a certain global events on the financial wherewithal of a country, it is even harder to guess the market response of a general trader to some change in the economic climate. But amidst all this unpredictability and guessing games, lies the ultimate solution to these problem - trade fairs.

A trade fair is a place where global suppliers meet international buyers. This gives all the participants a chance to not only access the wide variety of products on display but also gauge the current industry trends. A trade fair provides a direct insight into the outlook of the industry and the people who are involved in it. By visiting a fair, one can give his/her business a major boost. In the light of all these advantages that the trade fair offers, it won’t be wrong to infer that they are like the wheels of the modern economy.

Some direct advantages of trade fair on which the economy depends upon are listed below -

Great meeting place between economist, decision makers and major industry players -
The fact that a trade fair is the ultimate gathering place of all the significant players in the industry is very important for the economic needs of a country. Without such meetings, there will be a certain void between the supply chain resulting in lack of promotional campaigns and industrial revolutions. Hence, trade fairs help in bringing the pillars of economy closer to each other.

Seminars and conferences that decide future of industry and economy -
The future of the industries and economy are decided at the conferences that take place at the trade fairs. Plans for future and their implementation are chalked out in advance at these trade events. Such events result in fool proofing the future which gives the economy a major boost.

A place to understand international trends and tastes - A trade fair brings the local players closer to international buyers and sellers. This gives them a chance to cater to the needs of these international companies and generate vital foreign revenue. The fact that foreign investments are indispensable to the growth of national economy makes the organization of international trade fairs extremely crucial.

The sheer impact of trade fairs hasn’t gone unnoticed by the government. The government officials and economists along with trade associations work in close quarters to extend economic reach of their country. In the light of present trading scenario, it won’t be an exaggeration if we say that the trade fairs are the wheels on which the modern economy rides.

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Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Charm of Tradeshows

On the surface a trade fair comes across as an official engagement with strict focus on trade related issues. But some B2C trade fairs have certain appeal amongst the masses because of the freebies and fun that they offer. A B2C trade show is intended at wooing the end users with the sole purpose of bringing them closer to the supply chain. At these fairs, the organizers and exhibitors have focus on creating an environment that allures the general public towards the various brands on offer.

Creating a charming atmosphere that instills the spirit of buying a product is extremely hard. Nowadays, the general public easily recognizes cheap tactics and hence, modern day trade shows have been organized after careful planning and observation. The traders understand that they need to make an investment to build a future consumer base. Therefore, the charm of tradeshows is increasing with each passing day and people are coming in large numbers to attend these events.
Some of the features of present day trade shows that visitors find enchanting are listed below-

A freebie on Offer - There is nothing more alluring than a free gift. Hence, distribution of freebies has become a regular feature at the trade shows. These free goodies not only help in the immediate recognition of the product but they also help in the exposure of the brand in the future. Each individual receiving a free gift is more likely to talk about the brand and the fair with his mate than the one who returns empty handed. This gift distribution tactic presents a win-win situation for the exhibitors, visitors and organizers while at the same time it adds to the charm of the event.

Carnival like atmosphere
-The modern day trade fairs are gala events filled with all the festivities. The lights, decoration and the ambience add to the general appeal of the trade fairs.

Live performances - There has been a recent rise in the number of famous singers and celebrities performing at the trade fairs. Due to these live performances, a large number of visitors who are fans of these celebrities visit the trade event. This opens up doors for the entry of a new untouched consumer base that would not have seen the exhibition.
All the pomp, free gifts and live celebrity performances that are taking place at the tradeshows have taken the popularity of these events to a new level. The future holds new surprises that will add to the charm of these trade events. What these new surprise will be is a mystery that can only be unraveled with your visit to the next trade show in your city.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Guide To Visitors At Trade Fairs

Trade fair acts as a common ground for exhibitors and visitors and serves them equally under one single roof. It is a wonderful platform that gives immense freedom of choice to the buyers as they get to choose the products from a long list of companies. Sometimes this freedom of choice could act as a burden and make it extremely hard for the new visitors to determine which brand to trust and which brand to stay away from.

The way the companies present themselves at their well-designed stalls, it becomes very hard to distinguish between a good and an average product. Therefore, it is vital that a visitor pays attention to some finer points of details before investing his finances in a particular company. Some of the important aspects which should be identified and pondered upon are -

Reputation of a company - A visitor who is looking to make a major investment at a trade fair should study the list of exhibitors presenting at a fair. This list can be easily found at the websites dedicated to the trade fairs. After finding the exhibitor you are willing to put your money on, the past performance of the company should be thoroughly checked. Only after a complete study, investments should be made at trade fairs. In case of doing trade with a new exhibitor presenting at a fair, there is a small risk factor involved in the deal. Putting trust in such new players in the market can be a bit tricky and should be taken with the possible consequences in mind.

Live Demonstrations - Sometimes it becomes very difficult to judge a product based on new technology as there is no other product to compare it with. In such cases, a live demonstration comes in very handy. When everything is in front of you, there is a lower risk of deception. Even though the risk is low yet a novice in technical field should keep someone technically sound along his side. This is because, sometimes it is very difficult to identify the finer details if one is not familiar with the field. In such cases, a specialist can be really useful in evaluating the product.

Unbelievable offers - Competition is increasing day by day and companies are using every way possible to attract visitors to their stalls. In some situations, you may come across offers which may seem too good to be true. The fact is more often than not these offers are deceptively designed to hide the actual details. Unbelievable offers should be treated with caution and wisdom.

A trade fair is meant to promote trade and bring profit to all. To achieve only profits and no losses from such fairs, these practices should be followed by all the visitors at trade fairs.

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Virtual Tradeshow

The way Internet has transformed the lives of people both personally and commercially is something that would have been difficult to imagine in the past. Almost everything in the modern world is dependent on the use of the virtual web. Even trade shows have not remained untouched from this recent phenomenon and have found a new outlet in the form of virtually organized internet based trade shows.

A virtual trade show serves the same purpose as of a normal trade show, but what makes it more likable is its lack of infrastructural cost. The organizational and infrastructural overheads are the major investments that are made in a real world trade fair. If one cuts out these costs, the investment needed is almost negligible. The virtual tradeshows are flourishing due to these factors and are very much liked within the trading circles.

A virtual trade show can be organized by simply using Internet and virtual tradeshow software to connect with the participants. A basic description and the requirements for a virtual trade show is given below -

Permission to enter a virtual trade show - It is very important to have a selected gentry interested in trading attend a virtual trade fair. Giving permission to the right people is extremely important at such fairs because there is no other way of checking the credibility of the participants. To avoid the presence of Internet trolls and mischievous people, special virtual tokens or passes are used. These tokens or passes can be distributed to trusted exhibitors and visitors or they can be sold through an online outlet.

Virtual booths - The booths are present in a virtual exhibiting hall at a virtual tradeshow and act like the interface for the exhibitors and the visitors. The exhibitors can use multimedia applications to showcase their commodities and Internet messengers can be used for direct interaction. Such facilities are normally built-in the virtual tradeshow software and are very user-friendly in nature.

Trading- A visitor is free to roam around in the virtual fair and can decide to trade with the exhibitors of his own liking. The decisions are made after going through the listed items in the virtual booth. Trading is done through digitally signed documents.

Even though a virtual trade fair is an excellent way of meeting buyers and manufacturers, it will take a long time for such fairs to replace the real world fairs. The lack of personal touch and reliability are a few factors which go against such fairs. But still, the day by day improvement in Internet technology and change in people’s perception may lead to world wide acceptance of such fairs in the future.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Promotion of Trade Fair Through Internet

Internet is rapidly transforming the face of the industries and changing the way business is done. Nowadays, the mode of financial transactions is changing with the widespread use of online banking. Business meetings are done through video conferencing and many other important trade related jobs are heavily relying on the use of the internet. Just like the use of internet, trade fairs are also on a progressive path and are very much liked within the trading circles.

The excellent opportunities that they bring to the buyers and suppliers are the reason for their success. The effectiveness of a trade fair can be gauged from the large amount of visitors that gather at the trade venues full of anticipation. Clearly, trade fairs and internet are very important for all the industries in the world in the modern times.The success of a trade show solely depends on the exhibitors and visitors participating at the event. More the number of exhibitors there will be more will be the number of visitors who will visit the event.

To gain maximum number of participants, proper promotion of the fair is required. There are many ways to promote a trade fair but none is better than the use of internet. There are various ways of using internet for trade fair promotion. Two of the most sought after ways of promoting a trade event through internet are listed below:-

Promotion through a dedicated website-
A dedicated website can act as a worldwide representation of a trade event. It is a low cost and more effective alternative as compared to sending brochures and pamphlets to the potential participants. Besides, acting as a representation it also offers all kinds of necessary documents like registration forms, maps and hall layouts. Press releases, organizer detail and other important pieces of information could be easily found at a dedicated website. A nicely constructed website could act as a one stop solution for the prospective participants which can enhance the response of visitors to the fair.

Promotion through a social networking websites-
A person interested in a trade fair can go to a dedicated website and gain information about the event but what happens to those visitors who are on the lookout for such events but are not aware about it. This is where social networking sites come into the picture. Promotion through these websites can lead to word of mouth publicity which can reach people who are not aware of the event. A tweet or an orkut message can have the same promotional effect as of a mail delivered pamphlet. In today’s time, most of the traders are well connected and socially active, which makes the use of these networking sites extremely important to the modern trade fair organizer.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Trade Shows and Local Culture

In the present times, trade shows have become a very important part of modern day trading. These fairs are organized frequently in various regions of different countries in the world. A modern trader who visits these fairs frequently not only gets to see different types of goods and technologies, but he/she also gets a taste of the culture of the country he/she visits. Cultural impacts on a trade show are distinctly seen on the fairs. Especially when a trade show deals with apparel, food or jewellery, cultural effects can be seen on the fair much more prominently. Apparel or jewellery fairs showcase the depth of the regional culture as well as the history of the place.

Generally, a trade show is a very professional event with selected gentry visiting it for their business needs. But a simple trade show which is otherwise quite boring could be made very interesting by entwining the culture of the region along with the regular business. Some different ways of creating that ideal mix for an enjoyable trade show are listed below -

Designing stalls on cultural theme -
A stall is the face of a company at a trade fair. The exhibitors who are showcasing their products at a fair can use some elements of the local culture to design the stall. This will create an immediate impression on the local visitors and cause intrigue amongst the foreigners. A nicely designed local theme can create a good first impression on the visitor and can help in attracting the crowd towards your stall.

Using a local mascot that represents the region -
The organizers of trade fair can use a mascot which could be a local animal or a symbol representing the local masses. This can give a nice image to the fair and make it interesting for the public.

Organizing cultural festivals concurrently -
Local festivals organized alongside the exhibition can make a trade show a fun event. International visitors are likely to love such festivals and functions and the locals will come in large numbers to attend the events.

There are no immediate tangible benefits of paying attention to the local culture in a trade show, but these small cultural gestures can go a long way in creating an image for the event. These activities can make the event famous amongst the public and there is nothing like good publicity for a trade show. The organizers need to think out of the box and should employ such innovative tactics for gaining people’s attention. An innovative cultural approach could be very effective and highly profitable, if we consider its benefits on a long term basis.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Trade Fair & Fair Trade

Trade fair is a specialized event dedicated to a particular industry and acts as a platform for bringing together buyers and sellers in different regions, under one roof. The product manufacturers, dealers, resellers, importers and exporters are the main participants in a trade fair. The first consideration for organizing a trade fair is its feasibility. A market analysis needs to be done to get an idea of the response that a trade fair will get, once it starts. The interest shown by the potential visitors and exhibitors decides the success or failure of a trade fair. Just like a well-organized trade fair can benefit the entire industry, similarly fair trading can prove vital for the reputation of companies.

Fair trade is not something that can be organized but it’s a relationship between producers, sellers, and consumers based on the principle of equity within the exchange of goods. The correct treatment of all the producers through a transparent system is needed to achieve equity. The whole concept of fair trade is created to provide justice to all sections of the trading fraternity.

The words trade fair and fair trade may sound very similar to each other but there is a considerable difference in what they imply. On one hand we have trade fair, which is a visual representation of the platform intended to sell all the tangible commodities and on the other, we have fair trade which is an invisible but moral obligation. A product may gain immediate attention through a well-organized trade fair but its success over a long period of time can only be guaranteed if the creators of the goods are fair in their trade i.e. if they demand reasonable amount of money for the items sold. In the modern times, trade fairs are very important for creating a niche in the market. If a company is well represented at a global trade fair, it can open up doors for seamless overseas trading opportunities.

Launching of new products in front of potential buyers is much more convenient if it is done through a trade fair. But in search of immediate success, one must not forget the basic principles of trading. If dubious methods are used in promoting the product, it will definitely result in the depreciation of the brand value. The repercussions of such ill doings can go against the entire organization affecting the overall image of the company.

The only way a company can sustain its good image is by adopting fair trade as its motto. This will give it a large base of buyers who will have complete faith in the brand, even in the testing times. Well, through this discussion on trade fair and fair trade, we can actually devise the true definition of a successful trader.

A successful trader is the one who believes in his product and showcases it without any deception at trade fairs, trades while sticking to fair trade principle and then reaps the rewards for his endeavors by selling his product to a consumer base that has complete trust in him.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Launch of Technologies at Trade Fairs

Normally, a trade fair is considered to be a money making venture designed to fill the pockets of already established brands. Most of the technologies that are exhibited are new albeit only relatively as they most often have been launched previously at some official function covered by media. But with the growing appeal of trade fairs, the prospect of launching a completely virgin technology is brightening up off late.

The impact of a trade show is expected to raise manifold if the major players in the market start using trade fairs as a stage for the official launch of their products. Such a launch will not only benefit the company but it will also benefit the organizers. Promotional campaigns will have extra zing due to the anticipation in the trading circles. Companies will line up in large numbers for registration to gain a sneak peak at the product displayed. Such a phenomenal response could act as a catalyst in transforming the entire trade fair industry. There are various considerations which need to be paid heed to before organizing such trade shows-

Promotional campaigns - A great promotional campaign highlighting the technology to be launched is needed before such an event. If the people are aware of the fact that an absolutely untouched technology is going to be launched, it will give an extra impetus to the flow of crowd at the trade event.

Originality of the technology to be displayed - Normally a trade show lasts for around 3-4 days and the visitor response gathers momentum through word of mouth publicity. So, the technologies on the basis of which the whole show is promoted should be authentic. A false advertisement and promotional campaign can tarnish the image of exhibitors and organizers, affecting the future trade shows.

Infrastructure - The infrastructure at the trade venue should be good enough to showcase the new technology demonstrations in all its glory. No compromises should be made by cutting cost. A new technology or a product needs to be given maximum exposure and importance.

Invitations to audience - Right audience are vital for such trade shows which are showcasing new technologies. The invitations should be given to prospective trade buyers who have the wherewithal to actually buy the goods and technologies. Non business visitors could be a hindrance in such trade shows.

A trade fair showcasing genuinely fresh technologies is an excellent idea which can be used for the betterment of the entire trade fair industry. The whole landscape of technological innovation could be changed if this practice is followed in the future trade fairs.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Trade Fairs Dedicated to Canned Food and Beverages

With the increasing hustle and bustle in the modern life, the time to cook and eat is reducing alarmingly. People are resorting to alternate avenues for their daily food supplies. This new pattern of living encourages the consumption of processed food and it has resulted in a mega boom in the Canned Food and Beverages industry.

The processed food market is growing rapidly with each passing day and the people involved in the industry are looking for new platforms to gather and promote their business. This is where trade fairs come into the picture. A trade fair is a place to meet new suppliers, dealers and fellow industrialists under one roof. It not only helps the immediate business prospects but it also paves the path for a bright future. Some of the most significant benefits of a Trade Fair Dedicated to Canned Food and Beverages are listed below-

Immense networking opportunities for the newly developed processed food industry-
The Canned Food and Beverage industry is relatively young in its origins as compared to other flourishing industries. The processed food producers, dealers and buyers need to come together in order to exchange information and create new networks that they can use for the benefit of their trade. Through mutual understanding new collaborations and tie ups can be created for the overall enhancement of the entire industry.

New technologies and innovations-
The processed food companies are always on the lookout for new technologies and techniques that can help in the increased life of the food items that they produce. The trade fairs help the producers by putting them in front of the developers of these technologies. By using trade fair as a channel to access and explore new technological breakthroughs, the companies can enhance their business manifolds.

Opportunity to gauge new trends in the market-
A trade fair dedicated to the processed food industry plays host to producers, dealers and end –users. The attendees can gain great insight about the market trends through interaction with other participants. By finding out what’s hot in the market, future strategies can be modeled accordingly. This can give great impetus to the entire organization, lifting them to new heights.

Trade Fairs Dedicated to Canned Food and Beverages are here to stay and their importance to everyone associated with the industry cannot be disregarded. The future appears to be even brighter with the increased rate of development of new technologies. More technologies in the market means more number of trade fairs will be needed to disseminate them in the industry. The fair organizers are realizing this fact and are ready to face this challenge.

Friday, February 25, 2011

China Import & Export Fair: An Event Focuses on Products & Services

China Import & Export Fair (Canton Fair) is one of the largest & oldest trade event in China staged at the China Import and Export Complex in the Pazhou Exhibition Center area of Guangzhou. The spring Session runs in three phases between April 15th and May 5th, 2011.

Many exhibitors will be participating in this event from across the world to showcase their products/ services ranging from industrial machinery and building materials to consumer goods like apparels, gifts and home decorations.

China Import & Export Fair (Canton Fair) is growing its popularity and turnover each year. The event draws in excess of 2000,000 buyers from 208 regions. Last year's business turnover for Spring Session 2010 was USD 34.3 million, an increase of more than 30 per cent upon the figure for 2009. Due to this all the hotels near Pazhou Complex sell out well in advance.

Mr. Wilfred Fan, Managing Director of North Asia at, commented, “China has the second-largest economy in the world and Canton Fair is China's largest export and trade fair, making it an extremely important event for many businesses and entrepreneurs. As a result, Guangzhou experiences a surge in visitors for every session of the Fair. To address the demand, Agoda has shortlisted the most convenient hotels for delegates and secured special rates and promotions in these hotels. The lowest rates are available for those who book the earliest.”

The 109th edition of the event will provide an excellent platform for developing new business contacts as well as to stimulate networking among various foreign trade corporations.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hiring Hosts for Trade Fair Stalls

A company exhibiting at a trade fair needs to be very proactive and precise in deciding on the kind of image that they want to project at a trade fair. An image that defines the company appropriately can go a long way in the good performance of a company at an event.

In a trade fair, the visitors are on the lookout for newer technologies and are keen on finding out all the information regarding its utilization. Besides, a well explained product or technology, the visitors are also attracted by the way the company is represented. Hence, the look of the stall and the personnel hired for the representation play a crucial role in determining the impact of a company stall at a trade fair. A stall can be easily designed with the help of professional architects. But the selection of a host can be tricky, especially if the company is presenting its product outside its native country.

A non-professional approach shown by a stall host can negate the first impression created by the impressive design of stall and high quality of product. This fact should be kept in mind and high emphasis should be laid on the selection of a host. Some parameters which should be kept in mind while selecting a host are-

Command of Language-
A host should be well-versed with the language of the natives. A strange accent and lack of familiarity with the local dialects can hinder the performance of a host at a stall. Lack of knowledge can be corrected with small time training and instructions but the familiarity with the language cannot be instilled over a short duration of time. For an international company, hiring a host from the native land is a must.

Personality of the Host-
A nice personality is always an extra advantage for a host. An instantaneous impression can be created if the host is well liked by the visitors. Though it is not mandatory that a host should be good looking yet a good personality is a desirable attribute for a host.

Familiarity with the Product-
Small time training is required for enhancing the knowledge of a host regarding a product. But sometimes, especially in highly technical areas, it might be impossible to train a complete novice. In such cases, familiarity with the product is mandatory and host should be chosen depending on their technical abilities.

A host plays a major role at a trade fair and companies should never take the process of hiring a host lightly. Above mentioned parameters should be checked before hiring a host.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Meetings and Conferences at Trade Fairs

Trade fairs serve the purpose of bringing together a group of industrialists from a specific sector under one roof. These gatherings can be utilized effectively to address burning issues and trade problems. This is the reason why more and more trade associations are using trade fairs for meetings and conferences.

Nowadays, the trade fairs are looked upon not only as financial and business platforms but they are also perceived as the ideal meeting ground for the different companies from different regions. Special timings and halls are reserved by the organizers for holding these meetings and conventions. The plans are chalked out before the start of a fair, and topics for discussions are selected by consulting the major players in the industry. These meetings help in formulating the course of action to be taken to solve the problems faced by the industry. Moreover, the new entrants in the industry get a chance to interact with other established industrialists. All these benefits of the trade fairs are the reason why they are looked upon as the ideal meeting place for the industry.

Meetings and conferences at trade fairs should be organized with great care and a long thought process is needed to make them beneficial for the entire industry. Some of the important considerations before organizing a trade fair with meetings and conferences are:

Identifying the topics for a meeting-
Representatives from different companies visit a trade fair and it is possible that each one of them has a different issue that they want to ponder upon. That is why, it is imperative to choose a topic which engulfs all of their concerns. This will enhance the impact of meetings as more representatives will take part in the discussions and the decision will be treated with respect by all the players in the industry.

Treatment of the attendees at meetings-
The participants attending such meetings at a trade fair are generally white collar employees with esteemed positions in their organizations. Hence, special care needs to be taken in the arrangement of facilities and services.

Infrastructure and facilities-
The meetings and conferences require high quality presentation equipment like projectors and computers which should be arranged well in advance. Moreover, the hall chosen for such meetings should be acoustically perfect. This will make sure that the discussions at these meetings are not hassled by noise from other halls reserved for exhibition.

Meetings and conference at trade fair demand high maintenance and focus because of the wide variety of companies represented. Small mistakes can dent the overall impact of such gatherings; hence organizers need to plan everything in advance, so that the industries are able to use these meetings in the best possible way.

Future of Trade Fairs

In the past few years, trade fairs have transformed the face of industries and changed the way business had been done. Many companies have gained exposure through trade fairs which has resulted in their progress over the years. Due to its beneficial effects, these fairs are seen as torchbearer of all the industries in the world. It won’t be an exaggeration if we say that these trade events have become indispensable to the entire trading fraternity.

Clearly, we can see that trade fairs will be a major industry tool to garner maximum exposure to the new products and brands in the future. But we are still wondering, how different the perception and impact of a trade fair will be in a few years from now. Well, if we analyze the industry trends and pay heed to a few statistics, we will see that the future is definitely bright. But as we know every good thing has its bad aspects, trade fairs will have their pros and cons, which are discussed below-

Future Trade Fair (Pros)

In the future, trade fairs will become highly competitive because of higher participation of individual companies. As a trade fair provides equal opportunity to each exhibitor displaying at the event, it will be an ideal platform for smaller players in the industry. Also, the trade venues are evolving rapidly and high class technologies are available easily at many venues. This will further improve over the years which will lead to large scale live demonstrations and conferences. The companies will realize that they can easily channel the consumer response in their favor by impressing them at such mega events. Due to this trade fairs will become a major part of their campaigns and thought process. Moreover, consumers will realize the immense potential of trade fairs and their participation will improve over the years. In the future trade fairs, high end technology will be showcased to the visitors and the fairs will become the ultimate guide of new trends to the general public.

Future Trade Fair (Cons)

Trade fairs are definitely a boon to the industries and frequent fairs dedicated to the same sector of industries will take place in the future. This will result in huge competition not only amongst the participants but also the organizers. In this situation, organizers and exhibitors may use aggressive and unfair business tactics which might not be beneficial to the entire industry. With the advent of high end technologies in the future, the companies may try using robots and interactive computer technology to showcase their product. This can lead to the loss of human touch, which is otherwise vital to the development of a brand.

All these factors discussed above will most likely effect the performance of trade fairs in the future. Whether the overall impact will be positive or negative, it is highly debatable and inconclusive as of now. But there is no denying the fact that the trade fairs will be a marketing force which will definitely play a part in the next few years.

Canton Fair (China Import & Export Fair)

CONEXPO 2011, Las Vegas