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Monday, May 16, 2011

Printing & Publishing Trade Fairs

With the scope of advertising and printing increasing with each passing day, the importance of printing and publishing trade fairs has reached new heights. The demand for innovative printing solutions is one of the primary reasons why these fairs are so popular and frequently visited by leaders from various industries.

The printing and publishing fairs are generally B2B fairs that strictly focus on trade related issues and hence provide immense benefits for the traders and visitors. Apart from advertising solutions, these fairs are extremely crucial for book publishing houses, newspapers and magazine publishing companies. A wide variety of audience is always present at these fairs which help in creation of new networks and long lasting tie ups between important players from various sectors.

At the printing fairs, latest printing machines and software are showcased with live demonstrations which help the buyers in making their mind up about the product in question. Digital printing, commercial printers, and package & specialty printers are some of the major products which are on display at these fairs.

As the printing and publishing trade fairs are business central in their approach and objectives, there are certain trade tactics one needs to employ to reap the maximum benefits out of them.

Knowledgeable stall hosts -This is one crucial aspect that cannot be ignored by any exhibitor at printing and publishing trade fairs. The trade visitors at these fairs are generally knowledgeable buyers who dissect every product and technology before parting ways with their finances. It is extremely important that the stall host should have sufficient knowledge to tackle every query thrown at him.

Live demonstrations - Live demonstrations are vital as they help in gaining the trust of the buyers who visit Printing & Publishing Trade Fairs. When these buyers see the machine or software that they want to buy performing up to the mark, they get easily convinced about the product.

Focus on generation of future leads and contacts - Instead of focusing on immediate business, the exhibitors should always focus on generation of future leads at these fairs. By gaining the trust of reputed publishing house or newspaper, a company will earn much more in longer run as compared to the trivial profits that they will receive from immediate selling.

Even though the Printing & Publishing Trade Fairs are quite different in their look and feel as compared to other events, the concept of trade still remains the same. Hence, the exhibitors should stick to the basics and improvise occasionally to gain the maximum out of these fairs.


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