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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Chemicals & Dyes Trade Shows

Just like many of the modern day industries, chemical and dyes industry has diversified in a big way over the past few years. The scope of this industry and the aspirations of the people working in it have reached new levels. It is a known fact that chemicals are used in different walks of life and are indispensable in many chores of the modern human being. From washing and cleaning to coloring, the usefulness of chemicals can never be denied. With such a vast market at their disposals, the traders have found a new tool to woo the prospective buyers. This new tool is called trade fairs which are hugely popular in various industries.
Chemical and dyes industry has always been evolving and transforming with every new technological breakthrough. Chemicals have been created for usage in various industrial applications and household chores. The objective of a trader belonging to this industry is to find the least harmful and most effective chemical which serves its purpose. This is where networking and globalization comes into the picture. As a trade show provides immense networking opportunities and tremendous international exposure, it gives the traders the access to cutting edge technologies and productions. Through face to face meetings with suppliers and researchers, the traders get to put their point across and get knowledgeable feedback. This knowledge gain could sometimes be more rewarding then doing small time business transactions as it prepares the traders to face new age challenges in the industry. 
Petrochemicals, fertilizers and other related sectors participate in huge number at these trade fairs.  Chemicals & Dyes Trade Shows act as a common meeting ground and one stop solution shop for a wide variety of traders and buyers. Some of the major benefits of participating in these trade shows are explained below-
Tremendous scope of globalization-By finding international contracts a trader not only gains access to a new market but he also gets to know about the latest technologies. By globalizing through trade shows one can reach new heights of success which may not be possible through any other mode of trading.
Meeting with chemical engineers and researchers-As we all know most of the chemicals have harmful effects; hence their usage in the industries is always done with precaution. At these trade fairs, one gains in-depth knowledge about the properties and the implications of the chemicals which are used.
Chemicals & Dyes Trade Shows are really important for the traders as well as the buyers because of their ability to assemble large crowds under one roof. The tremendous possibilities that these fair provide is unmatchable and hence, these fairs are here to stay.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Architecture & Designing Trade Shows

In the recent times, Architecture & Designing Trade Shows have carved a niche for themselves in the trading circles due to their vast scope and never-ending trading possibilities. These fairs cover various industries including furniture, building and construction industry along with home and garden industry. The focus of exhibitors at Architecture & Designing Trade Shows is on showcasing their artistic and infrastructural capabilities in front of the participating audience.     
Architecture & Designing Trade Shows have come a long way since their inception. The main purpose for the visit to these trade shows is to come face to face with latest trends and designs. Besides trade byers, the visitor base also comprises of renovators and interior designers who are on the lookout for new techniques and material to use in their next creations. The exhibits at these fairs include furniture, art, paintings and sculptures for home decoration. The participants are generally from different walks of life and hence, these trade shows serve as a common platform for their meetings. Any kind of innovation that can help the building and construction of new houses, corporate offices and hotels is appreciated by the buyers and the innovator gets instant recognition in the industry.  Architecture & Designing Trade give unrivalled exposure to newer brands and brighter minds. In global events dedicated to architecture, international trade partners could be discovered which can go a long way in the success of the local trader.
Certain points that should be kept in mind before exhibiting at such events are listed below-
·         Focus on showcasing artistic designs in the best possible way-In these tradeshows, the design of product is hugely appreciated by the visiting clientele. In order to gain maximum exposure, the exhibitor should make sure the designs are displayed with utmost care. Creating the right infrastructure for the stall that can bring out the best in the designs should always be given the priority.
·         Focus on generating future leads-Instead of gaining immediate benefits out of the tradeshow, the focus should always be on generating business leads for the future. Such leads can really impact the performance of one’s company in the longer run.

Architecture & Designing Trade Shows are visited by manufacturers, dealers, corporate buyers and many other enthusiasts who come from very different backgrounds. Hence, the marketing strategy should always be created while keeping the tastes of these participants in mind. A good performance at these tradeshows can go a long way in boosting the image and business of an exhibitor.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Auto World Expo 2011

Auto World Expo 2011 is the perfect platform for tor the entire automobile industry to gather under one roof. The exposition has been organized by Benchmark Exhibitions India Pvt. Ltd at the Chennai Trade Center in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The exhibition will play host to auto manufacturers, component manufacturers, OEMs and accessory manufacturers. Besides the exhibition, the expo will also feature certain exciting sub events like vintage cars, re-modified bikes and cars and stunt drivers. This three day event will be filled with numerous networking opportunities for the attendees. The exhibitors will be able to showcase their products in front of affluent and serious buyers. Over 80 exhibitors and 3000 visitors are expected to visit the event.
Highlights :-
  • Exciting sub events like car stunts and vintage cars.
  • Over 80 exhibitors and 3000 visitors.
  • Participation of serious business visitors.
  • Numerous networking opportunities.
  • Chance to start new joint ventures with other players in the market.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Trade Show-A world within a world

Generally, a trade show is a comprehensive showcase of the industry that it is dedicated to. It represents the various technologies and products associated with the industry and cater to manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers who participate at these events. The whole infrastructure is self-sufficient with water, electricity and other necessary commodities available in-house. The sellers and the buyers are the major participants along with certain reputed speakers and decision makers who generally preside over the conferences that take place at the trade shows. Doesn’t matter which industry it represents, a trade show always has certain static aspects which never change.

The world that we live in has all the basic ingredients necessary for living a life. Just like this world, a trade show has all the right components which are required for the trading machinery to work in all its glory. The participants at the trade fairs are always on the lookout for the best technological solutions for their existing trade, just like in the world that we live in we are striving for the best for our lives.

The way this world has evolved over the years from barren land to urban cities, in the same way, the trade shows have transformed into mega events. The trade shows of the modern era are not restricted to B2B contacts and official meetings. The scope of trade shows has changed so drastically that it would have been difficult to imagine it in the past. Now the tradeshows have carnival like atmosphere and the doors for the general public have also opened up. Every event is filled with endless possibilities, just like this world which is far and wide and almost endless when it comes to exploration. The magnitude of the trade fairs has increased manifolds with global traders coming together under one roof.

The trade shows have rapidly increased in numbers in the recent past and it’s all due to the fact that they have become self-sufficient just like this world. The organizers and exhibitors make sure that every entity needed for an event is available beforehand. When a visitor enters a trade show, he feels like he is a different world altogether. The stalls arranged in patterns, the ambiance and the sheer number of people visiting the fairs make it obvious to the visitor that he is not in the same place where he came from. The way the items are promoted with free gifts and live demonstrations, it really catches the eyes of the participants. In the light of all these similarities, it won’t be an exaggeration if we say that trade fairs are like a world within this world.

Sign India-2011

Business Live is coming out with a wonderful event dedicated to the signage and advertising industry called SIGN INDIA-Indoor & Outdoor advertising Exhibition. The event is all set to create new benchmarks for the whole industry as far as advertising standards are concerned. This unique exhibition will feature products like synthetic banners, LED and Showroom Displays which are quintessential in today’s advertising scenario. This hugely significant event will take place at Palace Grounds in Bangalore over duration of three days. It will be a phenomenal networking platform for the entire industry to come together and discuss current issues related with signage and advertising .SIGN INDIA has already created a buzz in the trading circles. Over 100 exhibitors and 6000 visitors are expected to attend the event.
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Monday, June 20, 2011

Business services trade shows

Business services trade shows have recently shot to prominence in the light of the rapidly evolving world economy. In the modern times, the financial power is well distributed amongst various countries and big business contacts can be found anywhere in the world. Due to this distribution of the financial power, it becomes important for the traders to reach out to the far flung areas with immense possibilities for business. By harnessing undiscovered potential at new trade venues, a trader can spread his network all around the globe.

The business services sector comprises of recruitment agencies, outsourcing, BPO, smart card, presentation & marketing, retail solutions and concert promoters. Generally it’s very difficult to assemble large crowds with such variety of personnel from various industries. This is where trade shows come into the picture. A trade show is a place where traders from different sectors assemble under one roof to interact and create new business ties. A business services trade show serves as a solid foundation for the traders who are looking to leap ahead of the competition.

Few important points that should be kept in mind by the participants before visiting or exhibiting at these trade shows are listed below-

  1. Presentation-Presentation plays an extremely important role in business services trade shows. The objective of these trade shows is to lure possible clients by showcasing your business acumen and future potential. By presenting well, one can easily impress the visitors and create new future ventures.
  2. Development of contacts-The focus of the participants should always be on meeting maximum traders from around the world. By building new contacts at different locations, one can benefit immensely in the future.
  3. Willingness to explore-These trade fairs provide an opportunity to explore like no other event. One should always be ready to meet new people instead of sticking to old clients. Business services trade shows are the most rewarding when participants are able to find other traders from previously unknown location.
  4. Active participation in seminars and conference- Business services trade shows lay huge emphasis on seminars and conferences. At such conferences, one gets to explain his/her business fundamentals and perspective in the presence of other decision makers in the industry. Such exposure should be utilized by the new businessmen to pave their path into the industry.

Business services trade shows are not much different from other trade shows which are held around the world. These trade shows have far reaching appeal in the trading circles and hence they are visited by reputed dignitaries and decision makers. Participation in business services fairs can give a huge facelift to one’s business.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Ayurveda & Herbal Trade Events

Ayurveda is one of the oldest forms of medicinal treatment plan developed in the ancient India. It has been utilized for treatment and prevention of diseases in India since its inception centuries ago. In the past its usage was only limited to India, but in the modern times, the entire world has taken a liking to Ayurveda treatment due to its long lasting effects. The fact that it is free of any side-effects makes it much safer and a much more viable option.
Due to the sudden upsurge in the number of people opting for Herbal and Ayurveda as their preferred mode of treatment, this industry has grown in stature like no other. This has resulted in the organization of various promotional campaigns dedicated to Ayurveda. Trade fairs have also emerged as an interesting mode of promotion because of their ability to assemble large crowd under one roof. The trade fairs act as a wonderful platform where all the manufacturers can interact with the buyers face to face. This helps in generating general awareness amongst common man, who otherwise would not have known about the magical effects of Ayurveda.
Some of the key points that should be kept in mind before exhibiting at such events are-

- Focus on imparting knowledge-As Ayurveda has fairly recently shot to prominence, imparting of knowledge about this discipline has become very important for the exhibitors. The participating visitors should be informed about the process of Ayurveda and how it actually works on the body. If people are aware of this, they are more likely to inform others and gradually increase the consumer base in the longer run.

- Showcase of Indian history associated with Ayurveda-Ayurveda has a great legacy behind it that goes back to centuries ago. It is one of the oldest forms of medicinal treatment. If the visitors are told about this legacy, it is likely to grow their interest in the field of Ayurveda treatment.

- Taking care in storage of displayed herbal products-The herbal products don’t have a long shelf life. Hence, the exhibits should be chosen in a way that they are in the best of condition when they are displayed in front of the buyers. This should be taken very seriously as it can make or break a company’s image.

The performance of a company at a trade fair depends on making a good first impression on the buyers. In this regard, Ayurveda & Herbal Trade Events are no different. Above mentioned practices if followed properly can really enhance the performance of a company at such events.

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