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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Trade Fairs Dedicated to Canned Food and Beverages

With the increasing hustle and bustle in the modern life, the time to cook and eat is reducing alarmingly. People are resorting to alternate avenues for their daily food supplies. This new pattern of living encourages the consumption of processed food and it has resulted in a mega boom in the Canned Food and Beverages industry.

The processed food market is growing rapidly with each passing day and the people involved in the industry are looking for new platforms to gather and promote their business. This is where trade fairs come into the picture. A trade fair is a place to meet new suppliers, dealers and fellow industrialists under one roof. It not only helps the immediate business prospects but it also paves the path for a bright future. Some of the most significant benefits of a Trade Fair Dedicated to Canned Food and Beverages are listed below-

Immense networking opportunities for the newly developed processed food industry-
The Canned Food and Beverage industry is relatively young in its origins as compared to other flourishing industries. The processed food producers, dealers and buyers need to come together in order to exchange information and create new networks that they can use for the benefit of their trade. Through mutual understanding new collaborations and tie ups can be created for the overall enhancement of the entire industry.

New technologies and innovations-
The processed food companies are always on the lookout for new technologies and techniques that can help in the increased life of the food items that they produce. The trade fairs help the producers by putting them in front of the developers of these technologies. By using trade fair as a channel to access and explore new technological breakthroughs, the companies can enhance their business manifolds.

Opportunity to gauge new trends in the market-
A trade fair dedicated to the processed food industry plays host to producers, dealers and end –users. The attendees can gain great insight about the market trends through interaction with other participants. By finding out what’s hot in the market, future strategies can be modeled accordingly. This can give great impetus to the entire organization, lifting them to new heights.

Trade Fairs Dedicated to Canned Food and Beverages are here to stay and their importance to everyone associated with the industry cannot be disregarded. The future appears to be even brighter with the increased rate of development of new technologies. More technologies in the market means more number of trade fairs will be needed to disseminate them in the industry. The fair organizers are realizing this fact and are ready to face this challenge.

Friday, February 25, 2011

China Import & Export Fair: An Event Focuses on Products & Services

China Import & Export Fair (Canton Fair) is one of the largest & oldest trade event in China staged at the China Import and Export Complex in the Pazhou Exhibition Center area of Guangzhou. The spring Session runs in three phases between April 15th and May 5th, 2011.

Many exhibitors will be participating in this event from across the world to showcase their products/ services ranging from industrial machinery and building materials to consumer goods like apparels, gifts and home decorations.

China Import & Export Fair (Canton Fair) is growing its popularity and turnover each year. The event draws in excess of 2000,000 buyers from 208 regions. Last year's business turnover for Spring Session 2010 was USD 34.3 million, an increase of more than 30 per cent upon the figure for 2009. Due to this all the hotels near Pazhou Complex sell out well in advance.

Mr. Wilfred Fan, Managing Director of North Asia at, commented, “China has the second-largest economy in the world and Canton Fair is China's largest export and trade fair, making it an extremely important event for many businesses and entrepreneurs. As a result, Guangzhou experiences a surge in visitors for every session of the Fair. To address the demand, Agoda has shortlisted the most convenient hotels for delegates and secured special rates and promotions in these hotels. The lowest rates are available for those who book the earliest.”

The 109th edition of the event will provide an excellent platform for developing new business contacts as well as to stimulate networking among various foreign trade corporations.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hiring Hosts for Trade Fair Stalls

A company exhibiting at a trade fair needs to be very proactive and precise in deciding on the kind of image that they want to project at a trade fair. An image that defines the company appropriately can go a long way in the good performance of a company at an event.

In a trade fair, the visitors are on the lookout for newer technologies and are keen on finding out all the information regarding its utilization. Besides, a well explained product or technology, the visitors are also attracted by the way the company is represented. Hence, the look of the stall and the personnel hired for the representation play a crucial role in determining the impact of a company stall at a trade fair. A stall can be easily designed with the help of professional architects. But the selection of a host can be tricky, especially if the company is presenting its product outside its native country.

A non-professional approach shown by a stall host can negate the first impression created by the impressive design of stall and high quality of product. This fact should be kept in mind and high emphasis should be laid on the selection of a host. Some parameters which should be kept in mind while selecting a host are-

Command of Language-
A host should be well-versed with the language of the natives. A strange accent and lack of familiarity with the local dialects can hinder the performance of a host at a stall. Lack of knowledge can be corrected with small time training and instructions but the familiarity with the language cannot be instilled over a short duration of time. For an international company, hiring a host from the native land is a must.

Personality of the Host-
A nice personality is always an extra advantage for a host. An instantaneous impression can be created if the host is well liked by the visitors. Though it is not mandatory that a host should be good looking yet a good personality is a desirable attribute for a host.

Familiarity with the Product-
Small time training is required for enhancing the knowledge of a host regarding a product. But sometimes, especially in highly technical areas, it might be impossible to train a complete novice. In such cases, familiarity with the product is mandatory and host should be chosen depending on their technical abilities.

A host plays a major role at a trade fair and companies should never take the process of hiring a host lightly. Above mentioned parameters should be checked before hiring a host.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Meetings and Conferences at Trade Fairs

Trade fairs serve the purpose of bringing together a group of industrialists from a specific sector under one roof. These gatherings can be utilized effectively to address burning issues and trade problems. This is the reason why more and more trade associations are using trade fairs for meetings and conferences.

Nowadays, the trade fairs are looked upon not only as financial and business platforms but they are also perceived as the ideal meeting ground for the different companies from different regions. Special timings and halls are reserved by the organizers for holding these meetings and conventions. The plans are chalked out before the start of a fair, and topics for discussions are selected by consulting the major players in the industry. These meetings help in formulating the course of action to be taken to solve the problems faced by the industry. Moreover, the new entrants in the industry get a chance to interact with other established industrialists. All these benefits of the trade fairs are the reason why they are looked upon as the ideal meeting place for the industry.

Meetings and conferences at trade fairs should be organized with great care and a long thought process is needed to make them beneficial for the entire industry. Some of the important considerations before organizing a trade fair with meetings and conferences are:

Identifying the topics for a meeting-
Representatives from different companies visit a trade fair and it is possible that each one of them has a different issue that they want to ponder upon. That is why, it is imperative to choose a topic which engulfs all of their concerns. This will enhance the impact of meetings as more representatives will take part in the discussions and the decision will be treated with respect by all the players in the industry.

Treatment of the attendees at meetings-
The participants attending such meetings at a trade fair are generally white collar employees with esteemed positions in their organizations. Hence, special care needs to be taken in the arrangement of facilities and services.

Infrastructure and facilities-
The meetings and conferences require high quality presentation equipment like projectors and computers which should be arranged well in advance. Moreover, the hall chosen for such meetings should be acoustically perfect. This will make sure that the discussions at these meetings are not hassled by noise from other halls reserved for exhibition.

Meetings and conference at trade fair demand high maintenance and focus because of the wide variety of companies represented. Small mistakes can dent the overall impact of such gatherings; hence organizers need to plan everything in advance, so that the industries are able to use these meetings in the best possible way.

Future of Trade Fairs

In the past few years, trade fairs have transformed the face of industries and changed the way business had been done. Many companies have gained exposure through trade fairs which has resulted in their progress over the years. Due to its beneficial effects, these fairs are seen as torchbearer of all the industries in the world. It won’t be an exaggeration if we say that these trade events have become indispensable to the entire trading fraternity.

Clearly, we can see that trade fairs will be a major industry tool to garner maximum exposure to the new products and brands in the future. But we are still wondering, how different the perception and impact of a trade fair will be in a few years from now. Well, if we analyze the industry trends and pay heed to a few statistics, we will see that the future is definitely bright. But as we know every good thing has its bad aspects, trade fairs will have their pros and cons, which are discussed below-

Future Trade Fair (Pros)

In the future, trade fairs will become highly competitive because of higher participation of individual companies. As a trade fair provides equal opportunity to each exhibitor displaying at the event, it will be an ideal platform for smaller players in the industry. Also, the trade venues are evolving rapidly and high class technologies are available easily at many venues. This will further improve over the years which will lead to large scale live demonstrations and conferences. The companies will realize that they can easily channel the consumer response in their favor by impressing them at such mega events. Due to this trade fairs will become a major part of their campaigns and thought process. Moreover, consumers will realize the immense potential of trade fairs and their participation will improve over the years. In the future trade fairs, high end technology will be showcased to the visitors and the fairs will become the ultimate guide of new trends to the general public.

Future Trade Fair (Cons)

Trade fairs are definitely a boon to the industries and frequent fairs dedicated to the same sector of industries will take place in the future. This will result in huge competition not only amongst the participants but also the organizers. In this situation, organizers and exhibitors may use aggressive and unfair business tactics which might not be beneficial to the entire industry. With the advent of high end technologies in the future, the companies may try using robots and interactive computer technology to showcase their product. This can lead to the loss of human touch, which is otherwise vital to the development of a brand.

All these factors discussed above will most likely effect the performance of trade fairs in the future. Whether the overall impact will be positive or negative, it is highly debatable and inconclusive as of now. But there is no denying the fact that the trade fairs will be a marketing force which will definitely play a part in the next few years.

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