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Friday, April 29, 2011

Gaming expos and trade shows

Today’s world is full of hi tech technologies that caters to the needs of millions of users. Some new and upcoming technologies have resulted in the development of new markets with immense potential. One such market, which is growing exponentially, is the gaming market.

From the text based games of the 80’s to the cutting edge graphical masterpieces of today, the gaming world has seen an evolution that has never been seen by any other industry. Major gaming brands like EA, UBISOFT and THQ are well recognized around the globe. The modern day gamer is crazy about his favorite title and wants to learn all about it. Gaming is not only a recreational past time for the users, but it also serves as the source of regular income for the professional gamers. Due to the ever increasing scope of gaming, the major software companies have started promoting their games at various fairs and expos. Such events are an instant hit amongst the professional gamers and general public who visit such trade fairs and trade exhibitions in large numbers. The main attractions of the gaming trade fairs are listed below-

  1. An opportunity to meet the makers of games-The wonderful technology behind the games is something that enthusiastic players want to learn about. As the trade fairs are visited by the programmers and game story writers, they serve as perfect platform for such meetings.

  2. Wide variety of titles on offer-A gaming expo plays host to a wide variety of gaming companies and distributors, hence they offer a large variety of titles under one roof.

  3. First look at soon to be released games-New games that will be launched in the market in the future are showcased at such events. Live demonstration of game play on huge screens is shown to the general public for promotional purposes. This generates a lot of interest amongst the gamers who visit such events, which in turn helps the sale of the games when they are launched.

  4. Gaming competitions- Gaming competitions are also organized at certain gaming expos. These competitions are hugely rewarding to the participants in terms of money and fame.

The fact that the gaming industry is on the rise has made gaming expos almost inevitable for the bigger brands. The immense publicity of the games that a game receives at a gaming trade fair is unrivaled. Hence, gaming expos are expected to increase in number with time and it will be foolish on the part of organizers to ignore them.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The evolution of trade fairs

Everything evolves in this world. From gliders of yesteryears to modern day jets, change has been the constant phenomenon that hasn’t changed evolutionary change haven’t even spared trade fairs which have evolved from strict official meeting platforms to hi-fi trading extravaganzas. The glossy showpiece events that we visit today were in the past a pale shadow of what they are now. In the yesteryears, the focus was only on official buyers and suppliers.

The visitors were chosen according to their buying powers and general public used to stay away from the trading events. Cutting edge technologies were never in the touching distance of the general buyers, who normally used to wait a few months for the launch of their favorite products. But over the years, the market evolved and the sellers realized the actual buying potential of the common men. Hence, certain organizers started involving enthusiastic buyers in these trade fairs.

The formula was an instant hit and the trend caught on. With each passing year, more and more commoners started visiting trade fairs. A new niche market was created where the end user had access to all the latest and greatest innovations. B2C fairs became an instant rage amongst the masses. The traders started giving importance to the trade fair infrastructure and began implementing new tactics to woo the common men. New innovations were incorporated in the trade fair planning process, keeping the interest of general public in perspective.

Free gifts, celebrities’ performances and classy infrastructure were a few of the major alterations that were seen in the trade fairs. With the start of huge competition between the various organizers, the standards lifted and the quality of the trade fairs skyrocketed to new heights. The fairs that we visit today are a result of all these years of competition.

Whether the evolution has helped the cause of the trade fairs is a question that is quite difficult to answer. On one hand, it has added new dimensions to the trade shows making them more vibrant and livelier than ever before, and on the other it has hampered the official nature of these events. Modern day fairs appear casual and leisurely and hence lack the discipline of the past events. But the massive exposure that they bring to the exhibitors is unquestionable.

The fact that the time won’t stop, makes further changes in the trade show infrastructure almost inevitable. What the evolution will bring to the table, whether it will be good or bad is remained to be seen. But one thing is for certain, the evolution of trade fairs is never going to stop.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Trade fairs-The wheels of modern economy

The modern day economy is very unpredictable. The great economic meltdown of the recent past is one of the biggest examples of the fragile nature of the economy. Not only it is difficult to predict the outcome of a certain global events on the financial wherewithal of a country, it is even harder to guess the market response of a general trader to some change in the economic climate. But amidst all this unpredictability and guessing games, lies the ultimate solution to these problem - trade fairs.

A trade fair is a place where global suppliers meet international buyers. This gives all the participants a chance to not only access the wide variety of products on display but also gauge the current industry trends. A trade fair provides a direct insight into the outlook of the industry and the people who are involved in it. By visiting a fair, one can give his/her business a major boost. In the light of all these advantages that the trade fair offers, it won’t be wrong to infer that they are like the wheels of the modern economy.

Some direct advantages of trade fair on which the economy depends upon are listed below -

Great meeting place between economist, decision makers and major industry players -
The fact that a trade fair is the ultimate gathering place of all the significant players in the industry is very important for the economic needs of a country. Without such meetings, there will be a certain void between the supply chain resulting in lack of promotional campaigns and industrial revolutions. Hence, trade fairs help in bringing the pillars of economy closer to each other.

Seminars and conferences that decide future of industry and economy -
The future of the industries and economy are decided at the conferences that take place at the trade fairs. Plans for future and their implementation are chalked out in advance at these trade events. Such events result in fool proofing the future which gives the economy a major boost.

A place to understand international trends and tastes - A trade fair brings the local players closer to international buyers and sellers. This gives them a chance to cater to the needs of these international companies and generate vital foreign revenue. The fact that foreign investments are indispensable to the growth of national economy makes the organization of international trade fairs extremely crucial.

The sheer impact of trade fairs hasn’t gone unnoticed by the government. The government officials and economists along with trade associations work in close quarters to extend economic reach of their country. In the light of present trading scenario, it won’t be an exaggeration if we say that the trade fairs are the wheels on which the modern economy rides.

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