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Friday, April 29, 2011

Gaming expos and trade shows

Today’s world is full of hi tech technologies that caters to the needs of millions of users. Some new and upcoming technologies have resulted in the development of new markets with immense potential. One such market, which is growing exponentially, is the gaming market.

From the text based games of the 80’s to the cutting edge graphical masterpieces of today, the gaming world has seen an evolution that has never been seen by any other industry. Major gaming brands like EA, UBISOFT and THQ are well recognized around the globe. The modern day gamer is crazy about his favorite title and wants to learn all about it. Gaming is not only a recreational past time for the users, but it also serves as the source of regular income for the professional gamers. Due to the ever increasing scope of gaming, the major software companies have started promoting their games at various fairs and expos. Such events are an instant hit amongst the professional gamers and general public who visit such trade fairs and trade exhibitions in large numbers. The main attractions of the gaming trade fairs are listed below-

  1. An opportunity to meet the makers of games-The wonderful technology behind the games is something that enthusiastic players want to learn about. As the trade fairs are visited by the programmers and game story writers, they serve as perfect platform for such meetings.

  2. Wide variety of titles on offer-A gaming expo plays host to a wide variety of gaming companies and distributors, hence they offer a large variety of titles under one roof.

  3. First look at soon to be released games-New games that will be launched in the market in the future are showcased at such events. Live demonstration of game play on huge screens is shown to the general public for promotional purposes. This generates a lot of interest amongst the gamers who visit such events, which in turn helps the sale of the games when they are launched.

  4. Gaming competitions- Gaming competitions are also organized at certain gaming expos. These competitions are hugely rewarding to the participants in terms of money and fame.

The fact that the gaming industry is on the rise has made gaming expos almost inevitable for the bigger brands. The immense publicity of the games that a game receives at a gaming trade fair is unrivaled. Hence, gaming expos are expected to increase in number with time and it will be foolish on the part of organizers to ignore them.

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