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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Use of Trade Fairs to Create Awareness

In today’s times, the speed of development is increasing day by day. The whole world is going through a major transition and certain social, moral and health issues are raising their heads as byproducts of this unmanaged progress. Governments of countries are trying to spread awareness about these issues through NGO’s, advertising and other mediums.

The trade fairs are also becoming an interesting medium for promoting awareness. As a trade fair is a complete representation of industry, it has access to all the major industrialists and decision makers. Presenting these important issues at trade fair can act as a catalyst in solving these problems quickly.The society is facing newer and deadlier issues which are increasing with each passing year. Some modern day issues which need to be dealt with are population, pollution, terrorism and health problems.

To counter these issues, a trade association can take initiative in projecting an image of the event in such a way that it correlates with the modern day problems. For example, a trade fair organized for health industry can be used to promote the population issue or a trade fair associated with automobiles can feature countermeasures and techniques to reduce the greenhouse effect. Banners and posters carrying out information on these issues can also be used for creating a visual impact on the visitors. As trade fairs are utilized for meetings and conferences, discussions can be carried out involving major players in the industry. Such discussions will impact the higher echelons of the industrial machinery which is vital for achieving the desired result.

An international trade fair can prove really beneficial for certain developing countries. The developed countries have already devised newer ways of countering these modern issues and their involvement can bring in proven technology, which can act as a boon for backward countries. A well-measured approach is needed to achieve a positive effect on the whole society using trade fairs. This approach can only be achieved if the organizers and exhibitors look beyond their personal benefits. Such act of selflessness may not be possible in today’s competitive world and hence, the involvement of government is important to carry out this task.

If national governments of different countries step in and provide certain incentives to the trade fair organizers, only then proper promotion of these burning issues is possible. That is why, it is imperative for government to recognize the benefits of trade fairs and use them for spreading awareness.

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