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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How to store your trade show exhibits

One of the most important questions that an exhibitor faces before displaying his products at a trade show is how he can efficiently store them before the exhibition. The storage solutions are available in plenty but finding a quality method that suits ones need is quite difficult. Employing second grade storing methods could lead to disastrous consequences for the exhibitors which could hamper their performance at a particular trading event. To bolster ones trading prospect at a trade fair, exhibitors need to pay due attention to the storage solutions. Some important storage practices that can make a huge difference to an exhibitor’s performance are listed before-

Safety and Security measures- Safety and security measures could sometime make or break the entire trading prospects of an exhibitor. It is always better to foolproof your warehouse with ample security to counter any threat of theft or robbery. It is always better to be safe rather than sorry when your entire business reputation hinges upon your performance at the event.
Insurance- Insuring expensive goods before storing them at a warehouse is always a sound practice. By insuring goods one can safeguard himself again future catastrophe like fire or storm.
Temperature management- Optimum temperature is the key to a long lasting product. In case of trade fairs, an exhibit is kept in storage for a long time which can affect its quality. In case of bio degradable products temperature plays an extremely crucial role. The exhibitors should not shy away from spending a few extra bucks on infrastructure required for temperature maintenance.
Take help of professional dedicated to storage- There are certain professionals who specialize in providing storage solutions. Instead of using your own unqualified intellect in selecting storage solutions, the exhibitors should turn to professional help.
Inventory management-It is always better to choose a warehouse that offers high quality inventory management. This can help in tracking goods in a more professional and appropriate way. If everything you need is systematically stored, the chances of committing mistakes are reduced.
Precautionary measure-In case of natural calamity or any other mishap, an escape path should always be created to ensure all is not lost. Such tactics could greatly help in saving yourself from impending disaster.

The trade show exhibits are extremely significant for the traders and any laxity shown in their management can come to haunt the exhibitors. By employing the above mentioned practices, one can greatly reduce the probability of mistakes.


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