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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How to store your trade show exhibits

One of the most important questions that an exhibitor faces before displaying his products at a trade show is how he can efficiently store them before the exhibition. The storage solutions are available in plenty but finding a quality method that suits ones need is quite difficult. Employing second grade storing methods could lead to disastrous consequences for the exhibitors which could hamper their performance at a particular trading event. To bolster ones trading prospect at a trade fair, exhibitors need to pay due attention to the storage solutions. Some important storage practices that can make a huge difference to an exhibitor’s performance are listed before-

Safety and Security measures- Safety and security measures could sometime make or break the entire trading prospects of an exhibitor. It is always better to foolproof your warehouse with ample security to counter any threat of theft or robbery. It is always better to be safe rather than sorry when your entire business reputation hinges upon your performance at the event.
Insurance- Insuring expensive goods before storing them at a warehouse is always a sound practice. By insuring goods one can safeguard himself again future catastrophe like fire or storm.
Temperature management- Optimum temperature is the key to a long lasting product. In case of trade fairs, an exhibit is kept in storage for a long time which can affect its quality. In case of bio degradable products temperature plays an extremely crucial role. The exhibitors should not shy away from spending a few extra bucks on infrastructure required for temperature maintenance.
Take help of professional dedicated to storage- There are certain professionals who specialize in providing storage solutions. Instead of using your own unqualified intellect in selecting storage solutions, the exhibitors should turn to professional help.
Inventory management-It is always better to choose a warehouse that offers high quality inventory management. This can help in tracking goods in a more professional and appropriate way. If everything you need is systematically stored, the chances of committing mistakes are reduced.
Precautionary measure-In case of natural calamity or any other mishap, an escape path should always be created to ensure all is not lost. Such tactics could greatly help in saving yourself from impending disaster.

The trade show exhibits are extremely significant for the traders and any laxity shown in their management can come to haunt the exhibitors. By employing the above mentioned practices, one can greatly reduce the probability of mistakes.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Printing & Publishing Trade Fairs

With the scope of advertising and printing increasing with each passing day, the importance of printing and publishing trade fairs has reached new heights. The demand for innovative printing solutions is one of the primary reasons why these fairs are so popular and frequently visited by leaders from various industries.

The printing and publishing fairs are generally B2B fairs that strictly focus on trade related issues and hence provide immense benefits for the traders and visitors. Apart from advertising solutions, these fairs are extremely crucial for book publishing houses, newspapers and magazine publishing companies. A wide variety of audience is always present at these fairs which help in creation of new networks and long lasting tie ups between important players from various sectors.

At the printing fairs, latest printing machines and software are showcased with live demonstrations which help the buyers in making their mind up about the product in question. Digital printing, commercial printers, and package & specialty printers are some of the major products which are on display at these fairs.

As the printing and publishing trade fairs are business central in their approach and objectives, there are certain trade tactics one needs to employ to reap the maximum benefits out of them.

Knowledgeable stall hosts -This is one crucial aspect that cannot be ignored by any exhibitor at printing and publishing trade fairs. The trade visitors at these fairs are generally knowledgeable buyers who dissect every product and technology before parting ways with their finances. It is extremely important that the stall host should have sufficient knowledge to tackle every query thrown at him.

Live demonstrations - Live demonstrations are vital as they help in gaining the trust of the buyers who visit Printing & Publishing Trade Fairs. When these buyers see the machine or software that they want to buy performing up to the mark, they get easily convinced about the product.

Focus on generation of future leads and contacts - Instead of focusing on immediate business, the exhibitors should always focus on generation of future leads at these fairs. By gaining the trust of reputed publishing house or newspaper, a company will earn much more in longer run as compared to the trivial profits that they will receive from immediate selling.

Even though the Printing & Publishing Trade Fairs are quite different in their look and feel as compared to other events, the concept of trade still remains the same. Hence, the exhibitors should stick to the basics and improvise occasionally to gain the maximum out of these fairs.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How to Cut Cost While Displaying at Trade Fairs

Cutting cost has always remained an integral part of trading and marketing. Even the trade fairs haven’t remained untouched by this phenomenon as cost cutting tactics are employed on regular basis in the modern times. Cost cutting does make sense to a certain extent but in some cases it can become a hindrance to the process of organizing a trade show. The skill of a good organizer lies in his ability to efficiently employ cost cutting tactics.

In the today’s world, trade fairs have gained tremendous popularity amongst enthusiasts and serious buyers. The visitors expect high quality in the infrastructure as well as general facilities. In this situation, certain tactics and practices could come extremely handy to the exhibitors and organizers who bear the burden of minimizing their expenditure while maintaining a certain level of quality.

• Use of custom modular trade show display - One of the most obvious benefit of using custom modular trade show display is the reduction in the shipping and drayage expenses. These custom displays are easier to set up when compared to the regular ones. The overall expenditure is curtailed by 75% of the original cost, if the exhibitors employ these displays at the trade fairs.

• Hiring local students for promotion at stalls - Expert professionals when hired over a short period of time at trade fairs can sometime dig a massive hole in the pocket of the organizers and exhibitors. Instead of the specialized professional, hiring college students in the local region for certain trivial tasks like promotion at stalls is much more beneficial and cost effective. In certain cases, these young students could be more useful due to their higher level of energy and enthusiasm.

• Choosing trade venue closer to airports, shipping docks and railways stations - To cut down on the cost of transporting goods from ports and docks, the trade venue should be chosen closer to such destinations. This practice could make a world of difference in the expenditure.

Focus on trade buyers - The real motive of a trade fair is to do quality business with quality clients. In some cases, unnecessary focus on general public who visit the fairs without any purpose of buying could be a cause of extra expenditure. Exhibitors need to acknowledge the significance of trade buyers and should devote major share of their finances in wooing the actual buyers. This change in approach could be extremely beneficial to them.

If the exhibitors and organizers start following the above mentioned practices and fine tune their tactics, they will definitely be able to maximize their profits at the trade fairs.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Travel & Tourism Trade Shows

With the strengthening economic base of the middle class, the focus of the people is shifting towards finding new ways of spending their newly found money. People are ready to buy luxury items surplus to their daily requirements. These people are not shying away from spending all their money on leisurely activities like partying at the costliest nightclub or splurging all their cash on travelling to some exotic destination.
This change in approach has given a major boost to the travel and tourism in the country.

India, which was formerly renowned for being one of the finest destination for the tourists all across the globe has transformed into a major hub for foreign travel companies. These companies are on the prowl and are ready to woo Indian customers with new and exciting travel packages. Therefore, travel trade fairs have become the need of the hour for Indian and international traders.

A travel and tourism trade fair is quite different from other run of the mill events. The objective of the event is to attract the end users towards the travel destination which calls for a peculiar approach. Generally, the travel trade fairs ooze the spirit of a carnival with a celebratory atmosphere. The hordes of people that gather are enticed with attractive travel packages and mega offers. The infrastructure is always glossy and local flavor is added to the mix to bring potential customers closer to the culture of the travel destinations. The promotion is not only limited to the infrastructure, but it is also popularized through local cuisine and apparel. The single goal of these trade shows is to grab the attention of the general public and allure them towards these destinations.

In addition to the trade buyers and end users, travel and tourism trade shows pull in huge crowds of enthusiastic visitors. These visitors attend these events for fun and frolic. The fact that there is no compulsion to buy makes travel fairs the ultimate holiday destination for the local inhabitants.

The significance of the travel and tourism trade shows could not be denied in the modern times. The huge rewards that they reap for the exhibitors and visitors alike cannot be overlooked. Hence, the trading associations and organizers take special care before organizing such mega events. The frequency of organization of travel and tourism trade fairs is increasing with each passing season and there is no end to their popularity amongst the masses and classes.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Trade Fairs-Your guide to understand market competition

A trade fair is like an open book where the entire profile of a company is in the limelight. It is the place to be, if you want to observe and get ahead of the competition. A trade fair brings with it an exciting opportunity to venture into the unknown facts about various organizations. As it is attended by the entire supply chain within the industry, it offers mouthwatering prospects for the aspiring businessmen and traders. Nowadays, the trade shows are viewed as the barometer of economy and industrial progress which make them crucial for the industry.

In today’s times, various companies are ready to employ certain tricks and tactics to crush the competition, and for that they need vital information which is available at the trade fairs. The fact that a company that exhibits at the trade shows comes along with its own market strategy, it is easy to observe their tactics and market impact. A rival trader can easily gauge the performance of the competing brand and he/she can design his/her strategy to counter the competitor. Let us say, if one observes a company distributing freebies at a trade show and getting a good response from the public. In that case, the rival brand could try outdoing his competitor by distributing even more attractive gifts. Channeling the interests of the public in your direction is the ultimate goal of any company, and this objective could be easily achieved at the trade fairs.

Besides acting as a window to observe direct competition, a trade fair also brings the exhibitors closer to the decision makers within the industry. The entire market shapes up according to the crucial decisions made by the trading associations and government officials. The trade fairs provide the exhibitors with the first-hand knowledge of the latest developments related with taxes, duties etc. Such information could go a long way in helping these companies expand their horizons and increase their profits. Moreover, the general response of the public that one encounters at such events, also gives an insight into the taste of the general buyers.

In the future, the companies are expected to realize the massive potential of these trading events. To get ahead of the competition, trade fairs are expected to be utilized frequently in various industries. It will be a big mistake on part of the traders, if they ignore the potential of these mega events. In the light of the modern day developments, it won’t be an exaggeration if we say that trade fair is the ultimate guide to understand market competition.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Trade Shows Tips

-> Making a commitment to trade show excellence means committing to creating unique and meaningful experiences for your customers.

-> In trade show marketing it’s usually best to lead, not to follow!

-> Engage prospects by taking an interactive and educational approach to your booth design and show planning.

-> Follow up with booth visitors while they still have your brand on the brain. And leverage your marketing campaign to stay in touch.

-> Making a commitment to trade show excellence means committing to creating unique and meaningful experiences for your customers.

-> Visit trade shows often to get ideas on how to better distinguish yourself from the competition when you exhibit.

-> Establishing concrete sales goals well before a trade show is critical for accurately determining ROI after the event.

-> Understand the audience loyalty. The most loyal group is your core audience. Cater to them, they are key to a successful show.

-> A waiting audience is a frustrated audience. Always make sure to start and end on time.

-> To have a successful trade show make sure to set clear goals for your trade show participation.

-> Give attendees something to see, hear, touch, taste & smell & they're bound to remember your exhibit longer !

-> Always make sure that the tradeshow staff at your booth projects professional appearance & are well-trained to represent your company.e that the tradeshow staff at your booth projects professional appearance & are well-trained to represent your company.

-> Use social media websites to reach more attendees in a trade show.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Use of Trade Fairs to Create Awareness

In today’s times, the speed of development is increasing day by day. The whole world is going through a major transition and certain social, moral and health issues are raising their heads as byproducts of this unmanaged progress. Governments of countries are trying to spread awareness about these issues through NGO’s, advertising and other mediums.

The trade fairs are also becoming an interesting medium for promoting awareness. As a trade fair is a complete representation of industry, it has access to all the major industrialists and decision makers. Presenting these important issues at trade fair can act as a catalyst in solving these problems quickly.The society is facing newer and deadlier issues which are increasing with each passing year. Some modern day issues which need to be dealt with are population, pollution, terrorism and health problems.

To counter these issues, a trade association can take initiative in projecting an image of the event in such a way that it correlates with the modern day problems. For example, a trade fair organized for health industry can be used to promote the population issue or a trade fair associated with automobiles can feature countermeasures and techniques to reduce the greenhouse effect. Banners and posters carrying out information on these issues can also be used for creating a visual impact on the visitors. As trade fairs are utilized for meetings and conferences, discussions can be carried out involving major players in the industry. Such discussions will impact the higher echelons of the industrial machinery which is vital for achieving the desired result.

An international trade fair can prove really beneficial for certain developing countries. The developed countries have already devised newer ways of countering these modern issues and their involvement can bring in proven technology, which can act as a boon for backward countries. A well-measured approach is needed to achieve a positive effect on the whole society using trade fairs. This approach can only be achieved if the organizers and exhibitors look beyond their personal benefits. Such act of selflessness may not be possible in today’s competitive world and hence, the involvement of government is important to carry out this task.

If national governments of different countries step in and provide certain incentives to the trade fair organizers, only then proper promotion of these burning issues is possible. That is why, it is imperative for government to recognize the benefits of trade fairs and use them for spreading awareness.

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