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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wireless Charging To Go Mainstream In 2010

The company behind the new Dell Latitude Z laptop's wireless power charger predicts that its technology will go mainstream next year, with cell phones, MP3 players and Bluetooth headsets featuring the technology at the coming Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Inductive charging, which creates a small-area electro-magnetic field around devices to recharge their batteries, will be slower to emerge on other computers besides Dell Inc.'s new ultra-thin, ultra-premium business notebook.

The long-term vision is for wireless charging pads to become as ubiquitous as electrical plugs are today, enabling users to place their cell phone or laptop down on any pad for quick "snack charges".
There is no standards group for medium-power devices such as laptops, or high-power devices such as kitchen appliances or electric cars. The electric cars could eventually be recharged by simply parking them over a special pad-equipped parking space while the driver is at work or a meeting.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Finally Mercedes-Benz Vision S500 Plug-in Hybrid is Launched

Mercedes-Benz presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show the new Vision S500 Plug-In Hybrid Concept. This new Mercedes-Benz Vision Plug-In Hybrid Concept will carry a V6 petrol engine but also a new lithium-ion battery capable to store more than 10 kWh.

With this system installed, the new sedan will be capable to be driven in full electric mode for up to 30km (18.6 miles). After the energy is consumed, the hybrid module that delivers a total output of 60 hp (44 kW), the petrol engine is activate unleashing its true power. Still, the car will be capable to hot 100 km/h in just 5.5 seconds.

Regarding the fuel consumption, the car will show an incredible 3.2 l/100 km (73.5 mpg) while emitting 74 grams of CO2/100km.

The Vision S 500 HYBRID is a new milestone on our path toward zero-emission mobility. It is a luxurious and safe S-Class vehicle that offers superior driving performance while at the same time consuming less fuel than current compacts. All of this shows that our top models will also be able to combine automotive fascination with responsibility for the environment.” said Dr. Dieter Zetsche, Chairman of Daimler AG and Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars.

Friday, September 25, 2009

The Art of Organic Jewellery

If gold and silver jewellery is too expensive, then organic jewellery can provide the same decoration for a much cheaper price. Organic Jewellery started from the Native Americans by using connecting simple seashells together. Today, organic jewellery has evolved into a major role in the fashion industry. The most popular type of organic jewellery today would be in the form of pearls.

come from an irritation in an oyster's shell. The irritation is then covered with calcium carbonate which after many years turns into a pearl. Pearls are used in many forms of jewellery including Necklaces, bracelets, and rings.
Pearl necklaces are very popular, and they come in a variety of forms such as Bib, Choker, Matinee, Opera, Princess, and Rope. Pearl bracelets also work very well as fabulous fashion accessories. The classic single strand of different pearls can be used to match any outfit. You can never go wrong with a pearl ring. A gorgeous pearl ring set with gold or sterling silver will made any woman happy.

If pearls are not your thing, there are many other forms of organic jewellery such as bamboo and hardwood. Bamboo is not considered a type of wood, but is instead a type of grass. There are many types of bamboo that are yellow, tan, green, brown, and even purple providing a great fashion accessory. The most common use of bamboo for organic jewellery is earrings.
Although they are relatively easy to take care for, the wearer has to re oil the earring periodically for easy insertion. If you like designs, bamboos can have great designs burnt in them.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Right Jewellery Completes Any Look

In ancient times jewellery were used as good luck charm and protect the wearer from evil spirits. Nowadays, wearing the right jewellery gives you a touch of class and sensuality. Jewellery can transform you into a princess. A pair of long earrings underscores your lovely neck. A shining gem pendant seems to make your eyes sparkle.

Best of all, you only need one or two pieces of jewellery to create the effect. You can use the design and position of jewellery to enhance your appearance or to draw attention away. Avoid wearing bangles or bracelets and pick a stunning ring instead. A choker will also serve to focus attention towards your face.

You can try different ideas such as wearing layers of necklaces of different lengths, or go for chunky jewellery. There's no need to buy expensive branded jewellery unless you are making an investment. Consider affordable jewellery. Nowadays there are all kinds of materials used in jewellery from wood, plastic to natural stuff like bamboo and sea shells.

The rage these days is antique jewellery . Now here are some tips concerning wearing these jewellery. Wearing them with T-shirts and any other casual outfit won't match. Next, you need to consider the color of your jewellery and the one which glows and looks brighter on you will be the right one.

In the end , all this are just pointers, most importantly you must like what you are wearing. It's all for the fun and there's no need to wreck your brain.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Ethnic Fashion Rules

We all know fashion weeks, such as Paris Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week and Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo, are conducted all through the fashion industry. However, there are fashion weeks held by many countries and cultures are not as well-known all over the world as in their particular region of the world. Their scales may not as large as those of the famous fashion weeks, and they raise fund within their own countries and in their own way to support their own fashion weeks. They show fashions designed by their own already well-known fashion designers.

Speaking of fashion brands, Armani, Gucci, Prada and so on will float in our mind. The reason why these names are so well-known is that they hire some of the most talented designers to create new and fresh designs. Nowadays more and more ethnic fashion designers attract people’s attention due to their own ethnic flair and culture, which give people a kind of different feeling. There are many different types of ethnic and cultural fashions to be discovered. The Internet makes it easier to connect with other designers’ worldwide.

This has allowed other ethnic fashion designers to enter the main stream fashion industry and compete for recognition throughout the world. You would be surprised at finding out how much talent and creative ethnic fashion designers there is. Some of ethnic fashion designers have managed to combine top fashion with cultural and ethnical fashion. Also, depending on what country you are in or from will dictate the type of fashion for that region.

Satya Paul is one of India's leading brands in ethnic women's wear and renowned for its exquisite prints. He is extremely versatile as a designer, playing with elements and design, and fabrics from all over the world. He has been a supporter and promoter of the various crafts of weaving from all over the country and also one to use the latest in technology to create design from all over the world. One of his major contributions to design has been of questioning and changing the way we wear and perceive the sari & salwar kameez (traditional Indian dress) by innovating the very form and drape of it.

But all over the world every culture has a part that holds onto the trend setter styles, luxury styles, pop culture, hip hop and urban styles. We must remember that there are many ethnic fashion designers around the world well known in their own countries. This makes them great candidates for Ethnic Beauty fashion profiles. This will allow you the reader and visitors to become more aware of the real ethnic fashions available to you. Sometime we will focus on the ethnic fashion styles and others will be the ethnic focusing on ethnic fashion designers.

What really excite people about ethnic fashions are the colors, fabrics used, detailing and stitching, patterns and designs. Creativity also plays a big role. Many people are planning to buy their own ethnic items.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The New Fashion Frontier Glamour !!

Over the last few years, western wear has changed a great deal. More and more people are discovering how stylish western wear can be, and developing their own personal western style. Because of its rising popularity, western wear has begun to expand into a whole range of useful accessories. Now you can make your western wear practical as well as stylish, or else just liven up an every day outfit with a western accessory or two.

Fashion, Trends, Couture, Ensemble, Accessories, are a few words we keep hearing quite often in our magazines and Celebrity shows on television nowadays. We might often take things for granted by saying, "It's their job to be Stylish!" But is it only their job to be stylish, or is it essential to have some sense of style in the "real world" with "real people" too?

First and foremost, let us go on a journey of vogue and style. The word 'fashion' simply implies to the popularity or widespread acceptance of manners, customs, dress, etc. Fashion is that which characterizes or distinguishes the habits, manners, dress, etc. of a particular time period, it's the prevailing or preferred manner of dress, adornment, behaviour, or way of life. Also the word 'style' is sometimes used interchangeably with fashion, but it also denotes conformance to a prevalent standard, stressing on the adherence to standards of elegance!

Everyone carrying a mobile phone nowadays, and personally i feel it's a great idea to have a western cell phone case. For most women, carrying a handbag is basically a necessity. However a stylish black leather bag that cost a bundle is unlikely to match your western wear. The good news is that western wear handbags are available in a wide range of styles and colors, so it's easy to find one to match your favorite and western outfit. When you're heading out in your western gear, grab your matching handbag so that you can go in style.

There are also western wear accessories for men. It's been possible to buy western belts for a long time, but more recently western wallets have appeared in the shops. You can choose leather that either matches the color of your western gear, or contrasts with it for a different effect. Maybe have two sets, so you can choose your western style in seconds.

So what are you waiting for? To get into the groove of fashion and to look your best, check out the upcoming trade shows coming up on fashion and after to visit them , you'll be the 'talk of the town', for your amazing fashion style!

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sustainable Agriculture

The idea of sustainable agriculture has been around a long time. Since the very first crop was sown and animal was penned, farmers have tried to ensure that their land produces a similar or increasing yield of products year after back-breaking year; recent attempts to popularise the concept build on this tradition.

Sustainable agriculture integrates three main goals--environmental health, economic profitability, and social and economic equity. A variety of philosophies, policies and practices have contributed to these goals. People in many different capacities, from farmers to consumers, have shared this vision and contributed to it. Despite the diversity of people and perspectives, the following themes commonly weave through definitions of sustainable agriculture.

Sustainability rests on the principle that we must meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Sustainable agriculture is defined as agriculture that balances the need for essential agricultural commodities such as food, fibre, etc. with the necessity of protecting the physical environment and public health, the foundation of agriculture.

The definition is not intended to be highly specific, but to imply a multi-dimensional optimization of potentially competing forces, with a need for a holistic look at agricultural production at local, national as well as global levels and at all the various trade offs involved in promoting sustainable development, that will nonetheless assure an adequate supply of agricultural products for the world's population for as long as possible. Implicit in this definition is the belief that sustainable agricultural development will signify a reduction in the quality of life, at least as defined by the developed economies.

This would be initially felt by a gradual increase in food and fibre costs from the present 12 to 15 per cent of personal income, and a ripple down impact on the remaining materialistic needs of the affluent society, within what can be reasonably well afforded. However, when applied to developing countries, where food security and improving the quality of life to provide an adequate balanced diet and some minor comfort remain the issues, a reduction in the quality of life is not a realistic possibility, nor are increased expenditures for essential agricultural products that currently consume upward of 75 per cent of personal income.

For the most part, sustainable agriculture as perceived in the developed world, connotes a low input agriculture with, if any, limited applications of chemical fertilizer, crop protection chemicals and fossil fuels to operate equipment, - instead of relying on the careful management of crop residues, biological nitrogen fixation, and integrated pest management practices to ensure adequate crop yields for the combined urban/rural populations. The ideal farmers would be considered the subsistence farmers of Asia and Africa.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lenovo Launches Four-Finger Input Touchscreens

Lenovo has announced new touchscreen laptops, including the ThinkPad T400s, which is company's first laptop to support four-finger multitouch input.

Until now many laptop makers, including Hewlett-Packard and Dell, were offering touchscreen laptops with two-finger touch input. Lenovo ThinkPad T400s will allow manipulation of images using up to four fingers on the laptop. Multiple fingers can be used instead of mice to zoom into maps, or to scroll through documents.

Touch capabilities allow users to be more productive by serving as a mouse replacement. It provides a faster, more natural, and easier way to use PC instead of using the keyboard or bezel buttons.
The ThinkPad T400s is priced starting at US$1,999 and will become available by the end of September.

The laptop is powered by Intel Core 2 Duo processors running at either 2.4GHz or 2.53GHz with 6MB of cache. It will support up to 250GB of storage and 4GB of memory. The laptop weighs 3.91 pounds (1.77 kilograms) and has up to 5.5 hours of run time on a 6-cell battery. It also includes 802.11 b/g/n wireless networking, an integrated webcam and Intel integrated graphics.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Organic Farming in India

Organic farming is the practice of raising plants, especially fruits and vegetables, but ornamentals as well without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. Awareness of the environmental damage and threats to health (pollution) caused by DDT, dieldrin, and other insecticides and by the excessive use of chemical fertilizers has fostered interest in organic gardening, particularly among home gardeners.

Organic gardeners use short-lived, biodegradable pest-killers or biological pest control and prefer manure for fertilizer. Organic farming on a large scale is both difficult and costly, but a small, steady market for organically grown, or "natural," foods supports a limited commercial effort.

India’s farmers are still mostly practicing organic methods. Organic fertilizer and natural pest control are the only tools available to most of these farmers, who have always lacked the financial resources to explore chemical solutions. But these farmers, whose produce is as organic as they come, cannot afford to pay the fees required to gain official certification.

As the international community adopts standards for organic agriculture, the challenges faced by farmers in the USA versus farmers in India in order to adapt are very different indeed. The danger is that the well-intentioned global move towards organic standards will make small organic farmers in countries like India, who have been never done anything but organic farming, no longer able to sell their crops.

Most of India’s farms are “organic by default.” The irony and difficulty of the new governmental push for organic agriculture is that 65% of the country’s cropped area is “organic by default,” according to a study by Rabo India. By this somewhat degrading term they mean that small farmers, located mostly in the Eastern and North-Eastern regions of the country, have no choice except to farm without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Though this is true in many cases, it is also true that a significant number of them have chosen to farm organically, as their forefathers have done for thousands of years.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Get Ready For The Snazzy BMW Roadster This Year

The new BMW Z4 two seater roadster is all set to take your breadth away. It will be launched in India this October. Moreover, the company is likely to launch three more new cars for the growing Indian car market.

The new BMZ Z4 sports features like retractable hard top and drive technology for better driving experience. The new Z4 sports car comes with a 3 litre diesel engine and was launched in Europe in December 2008. Performance parameters include a top speed of 250 kph and a 0-100 kph rev-up in 5.8 seconds.

The Z4 will hit the roads in early October and it will be priced in the range of Rs 50-60lakh. BMW India President Peter Kronschanabl said ' he expects the car to be the brand shaper for the company.'

BMW began in the early 1910s as an aircraft manufactures in Munich. The car's current logo, designed to represent white propeller bladed against a blue sky, reflects these origins; its blue and white colour scheme also references Bavaria's blue and white checkered flag.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Right To Education- A Reality Through Technology

The application of IT is widespread by now in India in the private sector. However, when it comes to public governance, India has been a laggard in the utilisation of IT .It is the monopolistic nature of public governance.

Another important reason for the slow start off the block, particularly of e-governance, is that it enables transparency and cuts down avenues of corruption.

The common man has benefited from the e-governance measures implemented so far. Perhaps the best example in India of how e-governance can lead to order out of chaos and put paid to the machinations of the ungodly is the replacement of the old ballot system by electronic voting in elections.
Government spending on IT accounts for only about 15 percent of India's $12 billion domestic IT market.

Education as a sector has remained relatively untouched by e-governance. This is most distressing, considering that education is the cornerstone of our efforts to build up the future generation. Even in the Right to Education Act there is little mention of implementing e-governance in our education system.

The present education system lacks means of continuous monitoring, meaningful evaluation of the teacher and the taught, constant feedback to the players concerned (administrators, faculty, parents and students) and appropriate timely control and correction mechanisms.
One e-governance system for educational institutions, the M-Star Education Expert System has been piloted in scores of schools in India. This system currently runs in a variety of schools and colleges in the country.

If Expert System gets linked to other national e-governance systems, such as the national ID project headed by Nandan Nilekani, then the possibilities are endless. It could analyse the reasons of dropping out from the system and the teachers become more accountable. The Right to Education could thus become a reality through technology.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mercedes Benz To Launch Small Trucks

Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (DICV) is all set to launch an Indianised range of small trucks by 2012 from its upcoming plant in Chennai. The range would most probably be launched under a new international brand.

The company has already received an order of 100 trucks from Saumya Mining and this would increase to up to 250 trucks over the next three years.

The commercial vehicles market in India is growing at a good speed. The new range would be available at a price tag of Rs 65 lakh and above in India.

The German company’s other Indian arm, DICV, would continue with its business plans in Chennai.
The Chennai unit would enter the mass market product range in the truck segment as per schedule.
As of now, there are no plans to bring in existing international truck brands to Indian market. The products planned from Chennai would be highly Indianised, with heavy localisation share.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Firefox 4.0 will launch in 2010

Mozilla recently released a product roadmap with a number of new details on what the foundation is hoping to release between now and the end of 2010, including information on when to expect the next major iteration of Firefox.

The report details that Firefox 4.0 is due to arrive in either October or November of 2010 and will bring with it a range of new features, such as a new slick user interface and multi-touch gesture support. But take note that this report is currently classed as a 'draft' and could be open to any number of changes.

For those existing Firefox users, a plentiful number of changes can be expected prior to the late 2010 release date of 4.0, with both 3.6 and 3.7 lined up for debut before then. These new releases will offer such improvements and features as faster javascript handling, improved form completion tools, bookmark synchronization and pageload enhancements.

Mozilla also revealed that when Firefox 4.0 does hit, it will take a leaf out of Google Chrome's book, as each tab will function with it's own separate process, reducing the instances of losing your precious browser session.

YikeBike: An Electric Bicycle

YikeBike, an electric bicycle invented by Grant Ryan and engineer Peter Higgins of New Zealand. It is a foldable and gets tucks into a bag little bigger than a briefcase. It has a large front wheel, tiny rear, and little mustache handlebar, but that front wheel is driven by an electric motor giving a range of 9km and a top speed of 20km/h.

The YikeBike is the first bicycle on the market with electronic anti-skid brakes. But at a cost of €3,900 (over $5,500) it's something of a tall sale for a short ride.

In short, the zero emission bike not only allows a safe and brisk ride on cramped city roads, but also lets the users play their part in sustaining the environment.

The YikeBike will be available in mid-2010 f in the UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Denmark, Belgium, and New Zealand.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Its all about Advertising...!!

Advertising is bringing a product (or service) to the attention of potential and current customers. It is focused on one particular product or service. Typically done with signs, brochures, commercials, direct mailings or e-mail messages, personal contact, etc.

“My definition of advertising is that it provides information, calls attention , and making known something that you want to sell or promote”.

It reaches people through varied types of mass communication. In everyday life, people come into contact with many different kinds of advertising. Printed ads are found in newspapers and magazines. Poster ads are placed in buses, subways, and trains. Neon signs are scattered along downtown streets. Billboards dot the landscape along our highways. Commercials interrupt radio and television programming.

Business firms use advertising to promote an 'image' for their company. Businesses use advertising to attract new customers and increase sales.

Individuals, political candidates and their parties, organizations and groups, and the government also advertise example during election time politician do lot of promotion for their parties so as to maximize votes . Special interest groups promote a cause or try to influence people's thoughts and actions. People also people advertise in newspapers to sell cars, homes, property, or other items.

Advertising is one of the key marketing tools to build a brand image through creating an appealing brand personality. In order to develop a distinctive and enduring brand image that consumers will remember and associate positive values with, advertising should be the choice for any company.

Obtaining long term profits through strengthening a brand image is an achievable objective for advertising campaigns whilst direct sales proves one of the least effective aspects of advertising.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Importance of Brand in the Apparel Industry

Building a recognizable and dynamic product brand is very essential to distinguish your business from others and taking it to the next level.The name and logo you create will ultimately help your products to be recognized. This is the reason why quality branding is necessary.

Today's global market witnesses a cut-throat competition. Many new products enter the market, stay for a while, and then they become out-of-dated. Fads come into existence and vanish even quicker than they appear. Rapid changes in the consumers' choices, increase in their disposable income, globalization, media exposure, and influence of global and psychological trends attribute to this behavior.

In order to sustain themselves in the market, it is necessary for every manufacturer to build a 'brand image' for his product in the market. This is more important for apparel makers as garments have a short life cycle and trends keep changing every now and then. Brands create the strongest competitive advantage for the manufacturer, and the retailer.

To compete in the domestic as well as the international market, creating, and sustaining a strong brand image is necessary. Some apparel makers attempt to create a brand for their product in the global market, while many others just supply to retail chains according to their specifications.

Branded apparels not only add a stylish image to the apparel, but it also gives something extra to the consumers. It enables them to create perceptions about the value of the apparel and the brand itself. The value of the brand or the 'brand equity' is the difference of cash the customer pays for a non-branded garment, and a branded one.

The customer can buy a similar apparel somewhere else; without the label and for a lesser price as well. But, a branded apparel with a label on it gives a status symbol to the customer thus satisfying his ego. The reputation that the brand image carries helps in promoting the product among status savvy consumers.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Zooooom...Here they go !! Ducati bikes set to hit Indian roads

Italy-based Ducati Motor will enter the Indian market by launching five racing-bikes equipped with over 800cc engine.
India is no longer an emerging market. It is a reality worldwide. The economy is booming and there is a huge number of rich Indians who aspire to buy premium bikes. With the technology to produce the world's fastest bikes, their is a great potential for superbikes in India. It has a great future with "vast improvements in infrastructure and the F1 circuit plans firming up.
Ducati is a name synonymous with racing success, delivering cutting-edge motorbike technology and highest safety and emission standards.

According to Ashish Chordia, chairman and CEO, Precision Motor India Pvt Ltd, the sole importer and distributor of Ducati bikes in India "We will be launching different models in multiple variants. These bikes will be available starting at Rs.15 lakh ($37,500) and would go upto Rs.50 lakh ($1,25,000) in the Indian market.
Ducati is the first exotic bike maker that thinks 110 per cent duties, all manner of bureaucratic hurdles etc are all worth tackling to enter our market. They might only sell 50 bikes this year, but they are confident that those numbers will rise.

The company aims to import around sixty completely built units (CBUs) this year from the Italian manufacturer. Initially, the bikes will be sold through two exclusive showrooms in Mumbai and Delhi and subsequently, early next year, three more showrooms will be added in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai.

Ducati is expected to compete with Yamaha and KTM which are also offering a premium range of bikes. In future, Suzuki and Honda are also expected to foray into India's motorbike market and heat up the competition.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Importance of Promotional Bags in a Trade Show

There is one item that no trade show attendee can live without. This item serves as the most useful accessory on the trade show floor.
It's absolutely essential to carry one of these items to and from the booths. And everyone over looks this item. What is it? A bag. While several trade show exhibitors often choose flashy trade show giveaways, there are the others who go with true promotional bags. Why?

@ They're affordable. These promotional bags range in value.

@ They're customizable. With the vast selection of promotional bags available it's easy find one that can easily match your branding.

@ They're used frequently. In addition to being used at the show itself, bags will be used time and time again. In fact, promotional bags were rated the second most frequently used items (apparel being the first). On average a bag makes 1,038 logo impressions per month.

@ They've got large imprint areas. Granted this depends on the size of the bag that you order, but the majority of bags do have impressively large imprint areas.

Canton Fair (China Import & Export Fair)

CONEXPO 2011, Las Vegas