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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Right To Education- A Reality Through Technology

The application of IT is widespread by now in India in the private sector. However, when it comes to public governance, India has been a laggard in the utilisation of IT .It is the monopolistic nature of public governance.

Another important reason for the slow start off the block, particularly of e-governance, is that it enables transparency and cuts down avenues of corruption.

The common man has benefited from the e-governance measures implemented so far. Perhaps the best example in India of how e-governance can lead to order out of chaos and put paid to the machinations of the ungodly is the replacement of the old ballot system by electronic voting in elections.
Government spending on IT accounts for only about 15 percent of India's $12 billion domestic IT market.

Education as a sector has remained relatively untouched by e-governance. This is most distressing, considering that education is the cornerstone of our efforts to build up the future generation. Even in the Right to Education Act there is little mention of implementing e-governance in our education system.

The present education system lacks means of continuous monitoring, meaningful evaluation of the teacher and the taught, constant feedback to the players concerned (administrators, faculty, parents and students) and appropriate timely control and correction mechanisms.
One e-governance system for educational institutions, the M-Star Education Expert System has been piloted in scores of schools in India. This system currently runs in a variety of schools and colleges in the country.

If Expert System gets linked to other national e-governance systems, such as the national ID project headed by Nandan Nilekani, then the possibilities are endless. It could analyse the reasons of dropping out from the system and the teachers become more accountable. The Right to Education could thus become a reality through technology.


  1. Well written...i hope illiteracy gets totally wiped out from our country ....

  2. I am not totally agree with Jasleen, Because technology is not touching the our village and rural areas where people are still waiting for electricity,LPG Gas,schools,food,hospitals and roads ... computers, internet and technology are so far..

  3. True !! Technology has revolutionize our lives and it can certainly help us to improve our education system. Its a great vision and just need the willingness at top to implement it. The only problem here is that the beneficiaries of this program are below 18 years, that means they don't form VOTE BANK for our politicians. So its hard to see politicians making any serious efforts to implement these programs.


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