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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Its all about Advertising...!!

Advertising is bringing a product (or service) to the attention of potential and current customers. It is focused on one particular product or service. Typically done with signs, brochures, commercials, direct mailings or e-mail messages, personal contact, etc.

“My definition of advertising is that it provides information, calls attention , and making known something that you want to sell or promote”.

It reaches people through varied types of mass communication. In everyday life, people come into contact with many different kinds of advertising. Printed ads are found in newspapers and magazines. Poster ads are placed in buses, subways, and trains. Neon signs are scattered along downtown streets. Billboards dot the landscape along our highways. Commercials interrupt radio and television programming.

Business firms use advertising to promote an 'image' for their company. Businesses use advertising to attract new customers and increase sales.

Individuals, political candidates and their parties, organizations and groups, and the government also advertise example during election time politician do lot of promotion for their parties so as to maximize votes . Special interest groups promote a cause or try to influence people's thoughts and actions. People also people advertise in newspapers to sell cars, homes, property, or other items.

Advertising is one of the key marketing tools to build a brand image through creating an appealing brand personality. In order to develop a distinctive and enduring brand image that consumers will remember and associate positive values with, advertising should be the choice for any company.

Obtaining long term profits through strengthening a brand image is an achievable objective for advertising campaigns whilst direct sales proves one of the least effective aspects of advertising.


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