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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wireless Charging To Go Mainstream In 2010

The company behind the new Dell Latitude Z laptop's wireless power charger predicts that its technology will go mainstream next year, with cell phones, MP3 players and Bluetooth headsets featuring the technology at the coming Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Inductive charging, which creates a small-area electro-magnetic field around devices to recharge their batteries, will be slower to emerge on other computers besides Dell Inc.'s new ultra-thin, ultra-premium business notebook.

The long-term vision is for wireless charging pads to become as ubiquitous as electrical plugs are today, enabling users to place their cell phone or laptop down on any pad for quick "snack charges".
There is no standards group for medium-power devices such as laptops, or high-power devices such as kitchen appliances or electric cars. The electric cars could eventually be recharged by simply parking them over a special pad-equipped parking space while the driver is at work or a meeting.


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