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Monday, September 21, 2009

Ethnic Fashion Rules

We all know fashion weeks, such as Paris Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week and Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo, are conducted all through the fashion industry. However, there are fashion weeks held by many countries and cultures are not as well-known all over the world as in their particular region of the world. Their scales may not as large as those of the famous fashion weeks, and they raise fund within their own countries and in their own way to support their own fashion weeks. They show fashions designed by their own already well-known fashion designers.

Speaking of fashion brands, Armani, Gucci, Prada and so on will float in our mind. The reason why these names are so well-known is that they hire some of the most talented designers to create new and fresh designs. Nowadays more and more ethnic fashion designers attract people’s attention due to their own ethnic flair and culture, which give people a kind of different feeling. There are many different types of ethnic and cultural fashions to be discovered. The Internet makes it easier to connect with other designers’ worldwide.

This has allowed other ethnic fashion designers to enter the main stream fashion industry and compete for recognition throughout the world. You would be surprised at finding out how much talent and creative ethnic fashion designers there is. Some of ethnic fashion designers have managed to combine top fashion with cultural and ethnical fashion. Also, depending on what country you are in or from will dictate the type of fashion for that region.

Satya Paul is one of India's leading brands in ethnic women's wear and renowned for its exquisite prints. He is extremely versatile as a designer, playing with elements and design, and fabrics from all over the world. He has been a supporter and promoter of the various crafts of weaving from all over the country and also one to use the latest in technology to create design from all over the world. One of his major contributions to design has been of questioning and changing the way we wear and perceive the sari & salwar kameez (traditional Indian dress) by innovating the very form and drape of it.

But all over the world every culture has a part that holds onto the trend setter styles, luxury styles, pop culture, hip hop and urban styles. We must remember that there are many ethnic fashion designers around the world well known in their own countries. This makes them great candidates for Ethnic Beauty fashion profiles. This will allow you the reader and visitors to become more aware of the real ethnic fashions available to you. Sometime we will focus on the ethnic fashion styles and others will be the ethnic focusing on ethnic fashion designers.

What really excite people about ethnic fashions are the colors, fabrics used, detailing and stitching, patterns and designs. Creativity also plays a big role. Many people are planning to buy their own ethnic items.


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