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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Importance of Promotional Bags in a Trade Show

There is one item that no trade show attendee can live without. This item serves as the most useful accessory on the trade show floor.
It's absolutely essential to carry one of these items to and from the booths. And everyone over looks this item. What is it? A bag. While several trade show exhibitors often choose flashy trade show giveaways, there are the others who go with true promotional bags. Why?

@ They're affordable. These promotional bags range in value.

@ They're customizable. With the vast selection of promotional bags available it's easy find one that can easily match your branding.

@ They're used frequently. In addition to being used at the show itself, bags will be used time and time again. In fact, promotional bags were rated the second most frequently used items (apparel being the first). On average a bag makes 1,038 logo impressions per month.

@ They've got large imprint areas. Granted this depends on the size of the bag that you order, but the majority of bags do have impressively large imprint areas.


  1. The article was interesting but one particular information i did not find was; what kind of materials have been used to make these bags? are they environmentally friendly(i.e paper or cloth bags)or are these made up of plastic? Assuming that plastics have banned.

  2. I have seen bags made of all kind of materials. Usually they are made of plastics, but these days non-woven material is getting famous. Some companies are using Jute and other bio-degradable material for bags.

  3. Great article. When you imagine all the ways a promotional bag can be, you then realize how wonderful they are. Because these bags are used as advertising there are choices to be made. But it is very important to choose a promotional product that is appropriate for the event and productive in getting your company's name noticed.

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