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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hiring Hosts for Trade Fair Stalls

A company exhibiting at a trade fair needs to be very proactive and precise in deciding on the kind of image that they want to project at a trade fair. An image that defines the company appropriately can go a long way in the good performance of a company at an event.

In a trade fair, the visitors are on the lookout for newer technologies and are keen on finding out all the information regarding its utilization. Besides, a well explained product or technology, the visitors are also attracted by the way the company is represented. Hence, the look of the stall and the personnel hired for the representation play a crucial role in determining the impact of a company stall at a trade fair. A stall can be easily designed with the help of professional architects. But the selection of a host can be tricky, especially if the company is presenting its product outside its native country.

A non-professional approach shown by a stall host can negate the first impression created by the impressive design of stall and high quality of product. This fact should be kept in mind and high emphasis should be laid on the selection of a host. Some parameters which should be kept in mind while selecting a host are-

Command of Language-
A host should be well-versed with the language of the natives. A strange accent and lack of familiarity with the local dialects can hinder the performance of a host at a stall. Lack of knowledge can be corrected with small time training and instructions but the familiarity with the language cannot be instilled over a short duration of time. For an international company, hiring a host from the native land is a must.

Personality of the Host-
A nice personality is always an extra advantage for a host. An instantaneous impression can be created if the host is well liked by the visitors. Though it is not mandatory that a host should be good looking yet a good personality is a desirable attribute for a host.

Familiarity with the Product-
Small time training is required for enhancing the knowledge of a host regarding a product. But sometimes, especially in highly technical areas, it might be impossible to train a complete novice. In such cases, familiarity with the product is mandatory and host should be chosen depending on their technical abilities.

A host plays a major role at a trade fair and companies should never take the process of hiring a host lightly. Above mentioned parameters should be checked before hiring a host.

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