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Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Charm of Tradeshows

On the surface a trade fair comes across as an official engagement with strict focus on trade related issues. But some B2C trade fairs have certain appeal amongst the masses because of the freebies and fun that they offer. A B2C trade show is intended at wooing the end users with the sole purpose of bringing them closer to the supply chain. At these fairs, the organizers and exhibitors have focus on creating an environment that allures the general public towards the various brands on offer.

Creating a charming atmosphere that instills the spirit of buying a product is extremely hard. Nowadays, the general public easily recognizes cheap tactics and hence, modern day trade shows have been organized after careful planning and observation. The traders understand that they need to make an investment to build a future consumer base. Therefore, the charm of tradeshows is increasing with each passing day and people are coming in large numbers to attend these events.
Some of the features of present day trade shows that visitors find enchanting are listed below-

A freebie on Offer - There is nothing more alluring than a free gift. Hence, distribution of freebies has become a regular feature at the trade shows. These free goodies not only help in the immediate recognition of the product but they also help in the exposure of the brand in the future. Each individual receiving a free gift is more likely to talk about the brand and the fair with his mate than the one who returns empty handed. This gift distribution tactic presents a win-win situation for the exhibitors, visitors and organizers while at the same time it adds to the charm of the event.

Carnival like atmosphere
-The modern day trade fairs are gala events filled with all the festivities. The lights, decoration and the ambience add to the general appeal of the trade fairs.

Live performances - There has been a recent rise in the number of famous singers and celebrities performing at the trade fairs. Due to these live performances, a large number of visitors who are fans of these celebrities visit the trade event. This opens up doors for the entry of a new untouched consumer base that would not have seen the exhibition.
All the pomp, free gifts and live celebrity performances that are taking place at the tradeshows have taken the popularity of these events to a new level. The future holds new surprises that will add to the charm of these trade events. What these new surprise will be is a mystery that can only be unraveled with your visit to the next trade show in your city.

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