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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Launch of Technologies at Trade Fairs

Normally, a trade fair is considered to be a money making venture designed to fill the pockets of already established brands. Most of the technologies that are exhibited are new albeit only relatively as they most often have been launched previously at some official function covered by media. But with the growing appeal of trade fairs, the prospect of launching a completely virgin technology is brightening up off late.

The impact of a trade show is expected to raise manifold if the major players in the market start using trade fairs as a stage for the official launch of their products. Such a launch will not only benefit the company but it will also benefit the organizers. Promotional campaigns will have extra zing due to the anticipation in the trading circles. Companies will line up in large numbers for registration to gain a sneak peak at the product displayed. Such a phenomenal response could act as a catalyst in transforming the entire trade fair industry. There are various considerations which need to be paid heed to before organizing such trade shows-

Promotional campaigns - A great promotional campaign highlighting the technology to be launched is needed before such an event. If the people are aware of the fact that an absolutely untouched technology is going to be launched, it will give an extra impetus to the flow of crowd at the trade event.

Originality of the technology to be displayed - Normally a trade show lasts for around 3-4 days and the visitor response gathers momentum through word of mouth publicity. So, the technologies on the basis of which the whole show is promoted should be authentic. A false advertisement and promotional campaign can tarnish the image of exhibitors and organizers, affecting the future trade shows.

Infrastructure - The infrastructure at the trade venue should be good enough to showcase the new technology demonstrations in all its glory. No compromises should be made by cutting cost. A new technology or a product needs to be given maximum exposure and importance.

Invitations to audience - Right audience are vital for such trade shows which are showcasing new technologies. The invitations should be given to prospective trade buyers who have the wherewithal to actually buy the goods and technologies. Non business visitors could be a hindrance in such trade shows.

A trade fair showcasing genuinely fresh technologies is an excellent idea which can be used for the betterment of the entire trade fair industry. The whole landscape of technological innovation could be changed if this practice is followed in the future trade fairs.

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