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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Trade Fair & Fair Trade

Trade fair is a specialized event dedicated to a particular industry and acts as a platform for bringing together buyers and sellers in different regions, under one roof. The product manufacturers, dealers, resellers, importers and exporters are the main participants in a trade fair. The first consideration for organizing a trade fair is its feasibility. A market analysis needs to be done to get an idea of the response that a trade fair will get, once it starts. The interest shown by the potential visitors and exhibitors decides the success or failure of a trade fair. Just like a well-organized trade fair can benefit the entire industry, similarly fair trading can prove vital for the reputation of companies.

Fair trade is not something that can be organized but it’s a relationship between producers, sellers, and consumers based on the principle of equity within the exchange of goods. The correct treatment of all the producers through a transparent system is needed to achieve equity. The whole concept of fair trade is created to provide justice to all sections of the trading fraternity.

The words trade fair and fair trade may sound very similar to each other but there is a considerable difference in what they imply. On one hand we have trade fair, which is a visual representation of the platform intended to sell all the tangible commodities and on the other, we have fair trade which is an invisible but moral obligation. A product may gain immediate attention through a well-organized trade fair but its success over a long period of time can only be guaranteed if the creators of the goods are fair in their trade i.e. if they demand reasonable amount of money for the items sold. In the modern times, trade fairs are very important for creating a niche in the market. If a company is well represented at a global trade fair, it can open up doors for seamless overseas trading opportunities.

Launching of new products in front of potential buyers is much more convenient if it is done through a trade fair. But in search of immediate success, one must not forget the basic principles of trading. If dubious methods are used in promoting the product, it will definitely result in the depreciation of the brand value. The repercussions of such ill doings can go against the entire organization affecting the overall image of the company.

The only way a company can sustain its good image is by adopting fair trade as its motto. This will give it a large base of buyers who will have complete faith in the brand, even in the testing times. Well, through this discussion on trade fair and fair trade, we can actually devise the true definition of a successful trader.

A successful trader is the one who believes in his product and showcases it without any deception at trade fairs, trades while sticking to fair trade principle and then reaps the rewards for his endeavors by selling his product to a consumer base that has complete trust in him.

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