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Monday, March 14, 2011

Trade Shows and Local Culture

In the present times, trade shows have become a very important part of modern day trading. These fairs are organized frequently in various regions of different countries in the world. A modern trader who visits these fairs frequently not only gets to see different types of goods and technologies, but he/she also gets a taste of the culture of the country he/she visits. Cultural impacts on a trade show are distinctly seen on the fairs. Especially when a trade show deals with apparel, food or jewellery, cultural effects can be seen on the fair much more prominently. Apparel or jewellery fairs showcase the depth of the regional culture as well as the history of the place.

Generally, a trade show is a very professional event with selected gentry visiting it for their business needs. But a simple trade show which is otherwise quite boring could be made very interesting by entwining the culture of the region along with the regular business. Some different ways of creating that ideal mix for an enjoyable trade show are listed below -

Designing stalls on cultural theme -
A stall is the face of a company at a trade fair. The exhibitors who are showcasing their products at a fair can use some elements of the local culture to design the stall. This will create an immediate impression on the local visitors and cause intrigue amongst the foreigners. A nicely designed local theme can create a good first impression on the visitor and can help in attracting the crowd towards your stall.

Using a local mascot that represents the region -
The organizers of trade fair can use a mascot which could be a local animal or a symbol representing the local masses. This can give a nice image to the fair and make it interesting for the public.

Organizing cultural festivals concurrently -
Local festivals organized alongside the exhibition can make a trade show a fun event. International visitors are likely to love such festivals and functions and the locals will come in large numbers to attend the events.

There are no immediate tangible benefits of paying attention to the local culture in a trade show, but these small cultural gestures can go a long way in creating an image for the event. These activities can make the event famous amongst the public and there is nothing like good publicity for a trade show. The organizers need to think out of the box and should employ such innovative tactics for gaining people’s attention. An innovative cultural approach could be very effective and highly profitable, if we consider its benefits on a long term basis.

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