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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Booth Babes = Unqualified Leads

Are there any metrics associated with using booth babes (models) to help attract customers to your booth? What are some of the best sources for finding the right look?

Eye Candy for some is not Eye Candy for others… At some trade shows a giant V12 engine on a turntable will cause people to bump into each other as they walk past it.

Anything that stops people in the aisle and gives your fully-trained booth staff time to convert them into qualified prospects is a great idea. But you have to provide a process to reward the right prospects and shun the rest.

The before and especially the “right after show” communication needs to convert the best prospects into a sales cycle activity. Drop 10,000 prospects into the top and out of the bottom comes 500 or so qualified leads.

Like anything else in life, attraction happens in an instant… it’s what you do next that will ensure it was good for everyone!

All staff members in a trade show exhibit need to be properly trained to do the work before them.
Models are only a good idea if they are part of a product display and should not be allowed to speak.
If you need to take care of your customers, Actresses and Actors are an excellent choice.

1.They cannot run off with their best customers,
2.they show up on time and
3.they do not treat attendees poorly if they are not in their sales territory.

A great way to find good people to deliver your message is to seek out professionals that have ear-prompter skills. This is a difficult skill and shows you that the person being considered cares about their career.

I would always recommend hostesses / greeters and rehearse them thoroughly. It is a minimal expense to guarantee every attendee has the same experience.
Train your staff, too. Most trade show failures can be traced back to the staff working the booth. Any international booth workers should be trained in trade show behavior.

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