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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Various Types of Trade Show Visitors

Visitors are the most important element of any exhibition. However, visitors are of different types. Some common types are as follows.

Free Ticket Fan: These people are more interested in free offers, demos and whatever there is on offer from the company. They are not at all potential customers. They love to collect free promotional products from the fair.

Private Agents: They work for rival companies and visit the exhibition to obtain possible information as well as business related secrets.

Vendors: A few visitors may visit an exhibition to capture the interest of the company, for their product or service, instead of buying.

Brochure collectors: These visitors will leave without buying, but will collect all the brochures, leaflets, reports and any other information that the exhibiting company has to offer.

Leaders of industry: Often, prominent industry leaders visit trade shows to ascertain the level of competition or check out the products on display.

Entertainment seekers: These people visit booths if there is entertainment on offer. There may be exclusively large number of people, who seek only entertainment.

Possible customers: Some big potential customers may visit your exhibit. There should be an organisation in place to deal with these visitors.

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