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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Best Exhibition Markets Across The World

Trade Fair Markets in South Eastern Europe

Greece is the strongest market in South Eastern Europe when it comes to the economic power of its inhabitants measured in GDP per capita , whereas Romania is the no. 1 country concerning the population. Since trade fairs and exhibitions are mirrors of the markets their future development is closely related to the size, structure and economic development of the respective target markets.

Trade Fair Market Kazakhstan

The most active foreign organizer in Almaty is the German GiMA from Hamburg and its partner Iteca, both of them belonging to the British ITE Group. Among GiMA’s most important trade fairs staged in Almaty are the crude-oil and gas industry fair KIOGE, the building industry trade fair KazBuild, the trade fair for medical and dental equipment KIHE, as well as the CLEANEXPO Central Asia, which is the trade fair for the cleaning industry. In the capital Astana GiMA trade fairs such as AstanaBuild, Interfood Astana, and Agrihort Astana take place.
There are two main other organizers: TNT Productions with their focus on food machinery and technology (AgriTek) and Central Asia International Exhibitions.

Turkey: Overview on exhibition venues

In year 2008 more than 420 exhibitions were held in Turkey, organised by around 160 exhibition organizers. And in the running year 2009, 13 trade shows, held by German exhibition organizers only, demonstrate that the Turkish market has a growing importance in the international exhibition scene.

Trade Fair Market Ukraine

The leading exhibition organizers in Ukraine include
Kyiv International Contract Fair
(the No. 1 company, a UFI and CENTREX member, with a total of approx. 99,000 sqm net exhibition space sold in 2006)
(the leader in business-to-business fairs, a UFI and CENTREX member, with approx. 35,000 sqm net exhibition space sold in 2006)
The company is certified with ISO 9001:2000 international standard.
(based in Donetsk, the No. 1 company outside Kyiv, a UFI member, with approx. 30,000 sqm net exhibition space sold in 2006)

Besides this there are locally active organisers such as Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine, International Exhibition Center (IEC) and ACCO International.

Trade Fair Market Poland

The macroeconomic situation of Poland is positively stable with emerging growth industries in the sectors energy, renewable energies, traffic routes construction, environmental projects, engineering, machine building and most recently business process outsourcing such as back office processes and call center services.

Trade Fair Market Middle East

Particularly the Gulf States’ exhibition industry shows a considerable dynamic potential. With respect to this fact, the United Arab Emirates take the leading position regarding Dubai being the exhibition metropolis no. 1, followed by Abu Dhabi.

Trade Fair Market Russia

The modern Russian exhibition market shows a considerable dynamic potential. Its development began in the early nineties with the Russian transition to the market economy. Within about 15 years, the Russian exhibition industry became an independent and fast-growing branch of industry.

In 2007, more than 2,500 exhibitions took place in Russia, about 700 of them in the leading exhibition site Moscow, almost 200 in St. Petersburg and about 1,600 in other Russian regions.

Trade Fair Market Germany

Up to now, Germany was able to keep its worldwide leading position in regard to the performance of international trade fairs. Here, about two thirds of the so-called pilot fairs of each individual branch of industry take place. Three out of five of the world's largest exhibition centres are located in Germany.

Each year, about 140 to 160 international trade fairs and exhibitions with around 160,000 up to 170,000 exhibitors and 9.5 up to 10 million visitors take place here.


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