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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Why Trade Shows ?

Trade shows are exhibits or conventions organized by companies to promote their products and services, to expand their business. It is the best platform to exhibit your product or service to the people and convert them to potential customers. It is therefore important to have a custom trade show booth to attract people to your brand by highlighting your unique brand image and message.

Trade shows
gives opportunities to compare their services and products with their competitors, which can lead to new and improved ideas for the business. Since there are a lot of companies and clients who take part in exhibits, the venue should really be wide.
Trade show booths should allow to gain new customers and make individuals aware of company's products and services. I personally believe that creative ideas sometimes consist of spending money, hence the saying, "it costs money to make money."

Effective brand marketing can only be done if trade show booth is very impressive. It should highlight company name, product images, brand message, logo, etc in such a way that people visit our booth.

Producing promotional materials like brochures, flyer's, posters, leaflets, banners or wall graphics can help in attracting customers. Staff representatives in different locations of the venue gives out brochures and flyer's to the trade show attendees. Just choose the banner stand that best presents your booth and  deliver your message and target potential customers in an easy manner.

Scratch cards can also be used as its something people really enjoy. Scratch cards reveals that they have won something free or they get a special deal from your booth or your store. People love mystery, so you can use the scratch card for this very reason.


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  2. Trade Shows are still the #1 place to interact face to face with more your existing and potential customers.

  3. Good Ideas for attracting the people and agree with your views too.
    But Distributing free gifts like pens, bags, etc also helps to catch more and more crowd to the booth.


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