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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Common Mistakes in a Trade Show

@ Failure in implementing a consistent marketing plan

Exhibiting efforts must be part of an overall marketing scheme that is consistent and engaging. Many exhibitors old and torn trade show displays repeatedly in their booths which in turn ends up looking entirely bad from the rest of their marketing material. So it is important to have a fresh look at every trade show and is also important to implement a consistent marketing plan to build brand recognition.

@ Failure in setting goals and objectives for a trade show

It is important to set measurable and smart goals in advance of your trade show so that it can help in achieving company's targets and increase in sales.

@ Failure to give attendees and other exhibitors a reason to visit your booth

Never assume that visitors will directly visit into your display area without any incentive. There are a number of methods exhibitors use to draw attention to their booths, many of which are put in place before the show even begins such as banners, pre-mailing and making phone calls etc.

@ Failure to follow up with the leads you generate

The biggest and most common mistake exhibitors make is that they fail to evaluate their trade show booth which is the most important thing to do as it helps to correct the mistakes and not repeating for the future trade shows. Unless you have a plan in place, you may as well not even attend the trade show.


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