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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Importance of Setting Objectives For A Trade Show

Here are some great tips for maximizing your return on investment (ROI) from your next trade show:

- Setting SMART Objectives for exhibiting programs is very necessary as it helps to make short and long term strategies.
- Accountability - Everyone should agree to meet the specific objectives that have been set.
- Booth Behavior - Each person must learn the 'art' of presenting themselves to their audience, they should be aware of negative body language and develop a positive 'UP' attitude.
- Sales techniques - Learn the specialized 'show' sales techniques to help complete the objectives.

The tips provided by readers show a common theme - successful shows are the result of a structured approach to exhibiting. Let's get started with this motivating overview:

"If you don't know where you're going, you won't know if you got there. And even if you did, you won't know where you are! Know your objectives for a show, implement tactics to help achieve them, and then follow up after the show to see if they worked. This is TradeShows101 and the most likely area to be overlooked."

- Patti Burge, World Access

Not every show should get the same set of goals. What determines the variations in objectives between shows? It's all about matching attendee interests with your company's purpose in communicating with them. Attendee interests can be understood by doing pre-show research (often done during the show selection process). Your specific communication purpose is where your products or services meet the audience interests - What's In It For Them?

"Before a show, always decide what your goal for that show is, and tailor your booth presence and tactics to that goal. If you are trying to sell a lot of product you will have a much different strategy than if you are hoping to introduce people to your product or just do general marketing for your company! A focused approach is much more effective than a scattershot one."

- Rae Cirricione, WizKids

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Remember Pre-Show Publicity try and make last minute phone calls to your 10 best prospects, invite them to the booth.

Post-Show evaluation
- Survey booth workers

- Survey attendees to get their opinion of staff, booth, and the products and services offered by the company.


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