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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How To Do Branding Of Your Trade Show Booth ?

Savvy marketers have long understood the importance of developing a consistent image for their product or service that will stay in the mind of the customer. Brand names such as Sony, Coca-Cola and Microsoft are as familiar to many consumers as the names of their own family members. And the loyalty towards such brands helps in higher purchasing preference. For this trade show is the best floor where your brand can be seen and remembered by hundreds of buyers.

Before attendees reach the show floor,it's better to make them aware of your brand by distributing brochures, catalogs, doing pre-show mailings, advertisements and previous sales calls. But, when they are at the show the only chance to build awareness of your brand is through your trade show booth. According to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research, trade show exhibits have six times the impact on purchasing of any other medium.

Many different booth products can be imprinted with company logo, slogan, or a message to impart about your brand. These products include banners to hang above your booth or on its walls, mats to place on the floor of your booth, product displays, point-of-purchase inflatables to attract attention to the booth, director's chairs for your guests to sit in while discussing business, ceramic mugs or plastic tumblers for them to drink from, napkins and paper plates to serve them food on and much more. All of these products can be imprinted with company or product logo for maximum brand exposure.

To make trade show attendees feel the power of your brand you don't need to spend the huge amount of money that Coca-Cola does. But, you do need to make the money that you spend count. Whether you're using banners or displays, mats or mugs, the message that you're advertising to attendees must be consistent with all of your other marketing efforts. For the most return on investment (ROI), choose booth components and accessories that will build your brand image by making clients aware of what your company stands for, and what products and services it's selling. Make the most of this opportunity to have an impact on your clients' purchasing decisions by presenting your brand in a way that is attractive, meaningful and, most of all, memorable.


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