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Friday, August 28, 2009

How To Keep Your Trade Show Team Motivated ?

The staff should always be motivated throughout the show.
To run a trade show is hard work and is often a case of survival of the fittest. The trade show team need to be "ON" for 12 to 18 hours a day for, typically, three or more days at a stretch. Staying motivated is a real big challenge, especially at the end of a day, or during the final hours of the show when traffic is slow, time seems to stand still and your feet hurt.

Energy, motivation and stamina can be done by the following ways:
@ self motivation
@ manager inspiration and
@ team spirit

Self Motivation

It is important to remember that everyone representing your company is an ambassador. By being helpful, courteous and having a professional attitude, can help in strengthening the company's image and gain new customers. Because of this, they should be chosen carefully based on their excellent knowledge of the company's products/services and the many customers and prospects that you expect to visit the exhibit.
When the staff have a negative attitude about being at a show, their body language lets everyone around know that they are not interested in doing anything.
In addition to wanting to be at the show, each staff member should have at least one personal goal they want to achieve. This not only increases accountability, changes unproductive habits, increases productivity, it also builds motivation.

Manager Inspiration

Top management should always be supportive as it keeps you lively in performing trade show activities. Managers can help them by providing training to it's team so that they work effectively. It is management's responsibility to create a positive, fun and reinforcing environment and to realize that it takes more than an incentive to succeed.
Rewards and personal recognition provide an effective way of encouraging higher levels of performance. Managers need to know their individual staff members and what motivates them. The power of recognition and appreciation can create a more positive, productive and enjoyable environment while working a show.

Team Spirit

Everyone in the booth should be working together as a team, helping each other out whenever and wherever necessary. Encourage them to establish plans of action for working the show.
There should be a group consciousness of the company's exhibiting goals. The team members need to be able to express themselves and feel as if they are an integral part of the overall success of the program.
After each day, team members should be encouraged to give and receive feedback from their colleagues. The purpose is to look for ways to improve past performance and make each day better than the previous one.

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